Watch: Namoo Actors Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look At Lee Joon Gi, Park Min Young, Song Kang, Park Eun Bin, And Kang Ki Young's Commercial

Namoo Actors has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the commercial filmed by five of its artists!

A few days earlier, Lotte Chilsung had unveiled an advertisement for Chilsung Cider starring Lee Joon Gi, Park Min Young, Song Kang, Park Eun Bin, and Kang Ki Young, who are all actors signed under the agency Namoo Actors.

The video is filmed from the perspective of a staff member at Namoo Actors, who drives out to the filming location at a house in the mountains before noon with bags of things prepared. It includes funny moments like the staff member declaring that they would try to get Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ki Young, and Song Kang in the same shot before being asked to leave because they were in the way of the actual commercial’s camera angles. (The staff member eventually gets the shot when the actors monitor their scene.)

Kang Ki Young, who is relatively new to Namoo Actors (he joined the agency five months ago), tries to sidle past Lee Joon Gi but gets seized for an interview. Song Kang shares how happy he is to be eating good food for the commercial, since he has recently been on a diet. He also jokes, “I was so nervous [to film with my seniors] that I couldn’t sleep the night before. I only slept about nine hours.”

Lee Joon Gi demonstrates his sweet thoughtfulness when he notices that the staff member who is filming is also new to Namoo Actors. He welcomes her to the agency and jokes, “I’m going to check to make sure I’m the prettiest out of all five of us when this is uploaded.” After admiring Park Eun Bin and Song Kang’s beauty, the staff member gets flustered when Song Kang jokingly raises the knife he’s been holding like a shot from a horror movie.

The staff member “analyzes” a casual moment between four of the Namoo Actors artists, with Park Eun Bin and Lee Joon Gi chatting while Kang Ki Young stares blankly off into the distance and Song Kang keeps eating food. Park Min Young flusters the director by asking if she’s supposed to drink the cider in a single shot, and he hurriedly tells her no.

Check out the video with English subtitles below!

Song Kang and Park Min Young will star together in an upcoming drama about Korea’s national weather forecast service. Lee Joon Gi and Park Min Young were partners on a reality show called “My Ear’s Candy” in 2017. Kang Ki Young and Park Min Young worked together in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” and “Queen for Seven Days.”

Watch “Queen for Seven Days” here:

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