Watch: Kim Ji Suk Is Shocked To Learn About Kiss Scene With Jung So Min On The Day Of Filming For

JTBC’s “Monthly Magazine Home” released a new behind-the-scenes video of Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk’s kiss scene!

“Monthly Magazine Home” is a romance drama that centers around the problem of housing. Jung So Min stars as Na Young Won, a woman who believes houses are for “living in,” and Kim Ji Suk stars as Yoo Ja Sung, a man who believes houses are for “buying.”

The video begins with Kim Ji Suk asking the making-of camera, “What rumor did you hear before coming here today? What’s there today that you would come on this cold day?” Afterwards, Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min begin to rehearse their kiss scene.

During the actual filming, Kim Ji Suk leans in close without actually touching Jung So Min for their imaginary kiss scene. However, Kim Ji Suk is surprised after the director tells him to actually kiss and not just lean in to pretend to kiss. Kim Ji Suk asks, “We’re doing it for real? Ah, we’re actually doing it?” Kim Ji Suk explains that he thought they weren’t actually kissing because it’s a scene from the character’s imagination. He asks again, “We’re completely touching?” Jung So Min replies that they are, and Kim Ji Suk continues to add, “I thought we weren’t doing it.”

The director comes over and asks, “Young Won (Jung So Min), you knew, right? Then why didn’t you?” Kim Ji Suk explains that he thought they were leaving some leeway, and Jung So Min comments, “Ah, like in the ending where you get closer? Times have changed a lot.”

Despite Kim Ji Suk’s initial shock, the two actors manage to successfully film a sweet kiss scene. When the director yells, “Cut!” Jung So Min bursts out laughing while slapping Kim Ji Suk on the shoulders. Later, Kim Ji Suk explains, “We’ve already filmed a kiss scene before. It wasn’t awkward at all. We’ve done it once five years ago.”

Finally, Jung So Min pretends to act drunk by waving her hands around her head. The director asks, “You’re not acting right now, are you?”

Watch the full making-of video below!

The next episode of “Monthly Magazine Home” airs on July 7 at 9 p.m. KST.

Catch up with “Monthly Magazine Home” below:

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