On the July 10 episode of SBS’s “LOUD,” the contestants carried on their Round 3 mission, “JYP Pick.”


In the previous episode, the remaining contestants after Round 2 were divided into groups by Park Jin Young. The “JYP Pick” mission is designed to simulate the process of debuting in an idol group at JYP Entertainment. Three teams from the “music creator team” performed their own tracks at the end of last episode.

The July 10 episode showcased performances from the “dance creator team,” starting with Tanaka Koki, Moon Hyeok Jun, and Kim Jeong Min, who covered EXO’s “Obsession” and got a team score of 88 points. Park Yong Geon, Lee Ye Dam, and Okamoto Keiju performed “Mapsosa” and scored a whopping 97 points. Lee Su Jae and Kim Min Seoung covered Block B Bastarz’s “Conduct Zero” and got 94 points. Zo Doo Hyun, Maeda Haruto, and Nam Yun Seung covered Park Jin Young’s “Fever” and got 90 points.

The “idol team” kicked off their performances with Youn Dong Yeon, Cheon Jun Hyeok, and Na Yun Seo covering BTS’s “I NEED U.” Lee Tae Woo, Lim Kyeong Mun, and Woo Kyung Jun covered 2PM’s “Only You,” while Lee Dong Hyeon, Choi Tae Hun, and Mitsuyuki Amaru covered iKON’s “Airplane.”

Among the “idol team” members, Lee Tae Woo and Na Yun Seo became candidates for elimination. Among the “dance creator team,” the candidates for elimination were Moon Hyeok Jun, Zo Doo Hyun and Kim Jeong Min. In the “music creator team,” Justin Kim was the only candidate for elimination.

The highest-ranked contestant in each team were Lee Gye Hun (music creator team), Okamoto Keiju (dance creator team), and Cheon Jun Hyeok (idol team).

Of the six candidates for elimination, Kim Jeong Min and Zo Doo Hyun were chosen by PSY to advance to the next round, which is “P Nation Pick.” The final four eliminated contestants were Justin Kim, Lee Tae Woo, Na Yun Seo, and Moon Hyeok Jun.

“LOUD” also showed the results of the advance fan voting, with Lee Gye Hun at No. 1, Woo Kyung Jun at No. 2, Cheon Jun Hyeok at No. 3, and Lee Su Jae ranking last at No. 26.

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