Watch: Kim Ji Suk Playfully Tattles On Jung So Min While Filming

Monthly Magazine Home” released a new making-of video with Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min!

The JTBC rom-com stars Jung So Min as Na Young Won, a woman who believes houses are for living in, and Kim Ji Suk as Yoo Ja Sung, a man who believes houses are for buying.

The behind-the-scenes video begins with Kim Ji Suk teasing Jung So Min about a pimple on her face. Kim Ji Suk sympathizes by commenting, “It’s frustrating. You can’t even squeeze it.” Indoors on the bed, Jung So Min pretends to strike Kim Ji Suk with her elbow, and Kim Ji Suk tattles to the camera that Jung So Min has a new pimple.

Jung So Min glares at him, and Kim Ji Suk suggests photoshopping her face. Jung So Min asks, “What if my face disappears?” and Kim Ji Suk comments, “What if they just leave your nostrils?”

In another scene, Jung So Min begins to secretly eat the food on the table. However, when she turns around, she’s surprised to see the making-of camera filming her. Kim Ji Suk reveals, “She said she’s going on a diet,” causing Jung So Min to burst out laughing.

While filming, the lights unexpectedly shut down. The director shares, “We sincerely thank viewers who’ve tuned in until now,” and Jung So Min gets up to bow to the production team. Filming resumes, but they have to stop again when Kim Ji Suk accidentally chokes on spicy food. He apologizes while violently coughing, and the director asks, “Do you want to break it off here?”

Kim Ji Suk explains that the food got caught in his throat from the beginning of the filming, but he tried to hold it in. Jung So Min comments, “It wasn’t weird, so I didn’t know. That’s amazing.” Kim Ji Suk elaborates, “The kimchi is really spicy, and it got caught in my throat.” He asks the production team to stop putting in peppers when they refill the food.

Before filming the scene where Kim Ji Suk catches the falling Jung So Min, Kim Ji Suk reveals, “Jung So Min earnestly requested that I hug her carefully when I catch her, saying that she gained a lot of weight recently. It’s all back strength.” Although he manages to easily catch Jung So Min, Kim Ji Suk massages his shoulders and back to pretend as if he’s in pain in front of the making-of camera. Laughing, Jung So Min threatens him by grabbing him by his collar and saying, “Stop it.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

“Monthly Magazine Home” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST.

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