9 K-Pop Rappers That Can Sing Like Main Vocalists

Every K-pop rapper gives it their all when they’re spitting bars, so their level of talent is already stunning. However, there are some rappers out there that go above and beyond with their performance capabilities – singing isn’t necessarily a part of the job description, but that doesn’t stop these nine idols from being able to belt it with the vocalists!

1. MONSTA X’s Joohoney

Joohoney can hype up an audience like no other, and his rap skills are definitely noteworthy. That’s why his appearance on “The King of Mask Singer” may have been a surprise to some, but he proved that he can kill it as a vocalist with his natural stage presence and beautiful vocal tone. Just like his mask says, he really is the best!

Watch “The King of Mask Singer”:

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2. (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon

Leader, main rapper, vocalist, producer – Jeon Soyeon’s list of talents never seems to end! Her sound is iconic to (G)I-DLE, but she’s been snagging trophies recently with her solo work as well. She was praised for her vocals during her time on “Produce 101,” and her talent for both singing and rap is obvious in all of her performances.

3. Stray Kids’ Han

Stray Kids’ Han may be best known for his incredibly fast-paced and rhythmical rap flow, but he’s arguably among the best vocalists in K-pop right now as well. From the group’s pre-debut release all the way to their recent stages on “Kingdom: Legendary War,” Han has been stunning everyone with his dual talent for vocals and rap.

See more of Han’s skills in “Kingdom: Legendary War”:

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4. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

MAMAMOO is a group well-known for their incredible vocals, so much so that even the group’s greeting consists of a beautiful harmonic phrase. Because of this, it might not come as a surprise that main rapper Moonbyul also has a lovely singing voice. Her natural range is low and sweet, with a comforting tone that is well-suited to ballads.

5. BTOB’s Minhyuk

Another group that always kills it in the vocals department, the members of BTOB can hold their own when singing even the most complex of harmonies. Minhyuk may be considered a rapper, but his vocals are no joke! This cover is from 2014, but the gorgeous combination of Minhyuk’s and maknae Yook Sungjae’s vocals are memorable to this day.

6. Weeekly’s Zoa

This is the track that took over TikTok, and it doesn’t just prove that this song is a total bop – it also shows that all of rookie girl group Weeekly’s members are super talented. Maknae Zoa may hold the title of main rapper, but you’d be forgiven for thinking she was a main vocalist thanks to her sweet and steady sound.

7. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

This cover of H.O.T’s “Happiness” only contains a short snippet of leader and main rapper S.Coups’s vocal prowess, but trust me – he’s an amazing vocalist. If you want to hear him really give his all in the vocal department, listen to “Ah! Love” from their “Semicolon” EP. S.Coups’s voice fits right in with vocalists Jeonghan and Joshua!

8. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie holds the title of both main rapper and lead vocalist for a good reason! She switches effortlessly between smooth vocals and clean rap verses in BLACKPINK’s songs and in her own solo work, so she’s always keeping BLINKs on their toes. It takes a healthy dose of talent and hard work to do it like Jennie!

9. BTS’s J-Hope

This list would be incomplete without BTS’s multi-talented rapper, vocalist, and dancer, J-Hope. His natural sense of rhythm and beautifully melodic voice lend themselves perfectly to both rapping and singing, so much so that he’s able to blend the two seamlessly into his work as a BTS member and as a solo artist.

Can you think of any other K-pop artists that can rock both rap and vocals? Tell us in the comments!

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