Watch: PSY Gives Tour Of His Agency Building + “LOUD” Contestants Begin Their “P Nation Pick” Mission

On the July 17 episode of SBS’s “LOUD,” the contestants began their Round 4 “P Nation Pick” mission.

The previous episode featured the “JYP’s Pick” mission, which was meant to represent what the process of debuting as an idol under JYP Entertainment was like. This mission is similar, except it shows the process of debuting as an idol group under PSY’s new label P Nation, which has not yet produced an idol group so far.

PSY invited Park Jin Young and the “LOUD” contestants to the P Nation agency building and gave Park Jin Young a tour. After seeing the premises, Park Jin Young exclaimed, “You’re always saying you’re a rookie label, but this is a major company!” When PSY said that his building had seven floors (including the basement,), Park Jin Young replied, “You’re definitely a world star.”

Park Jin Young noticed the posters of the P Nation artists on the wall and said, “This is a mistake. There are people that come and go from the label, so you shouldn’t do stuff like this,” but PSY rebutted, “To be honest, we just made a bunch of stuff at the last minute when we heard you were coming.”

As a funny gift, PSY gave Park Jin Young a welcome gift that included an employee pass, a mask and tote bag with the P Nation logo, and more. PSY quipped, “My pass gets me in everywhere, but your pass only gets you in the front door.”

Like the JYP’s Pick mission, the contestants were divided into the music creator group, the dance creator group, and the idol group. PSY mentored the contestants after inviting them to P Nation and the contestants showed their various music creation, dancing, rapping, and singing skills to impress the producer and CEO.

The first group to perform was the music creator group, divided into the Seoul Landing Operation Team (Lim Kyeong Mun, Lee Su Jae, Kang Hyun Woo, and Eun Hwi), the Countdown Team (Do Min Kyu, Oh Sung Jun, Park Yong Geon, and Maeda Haruto), and the Veteran Team (Daniel Jikal, Cheon Jun Hyeok, Kim Dong Hyun, and Yoon Min).

The team with the highest score would have all their members advance to the next round. The runner-up would have their member with the lowest individual score become a candidate for elimination, while the third-ranked team would have two members with the lowest individual scores become candidates for elimination.

At the end of this episode, the Seoul Landing Operation Team got 96 points, the Veteran Team got 95 points, and the Countdown Team got 90 points.

The Veteran Team:

The Seoul Landing Operation Team Team:

The Countdown Team:

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