SF9's Rowoon Shares Thoughts On Upcoming Historical Drama, How He's Changed Since Debut, And More

SF9’s Rowoon recently sat down with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan to dish about his growth as an actor, his thoughts on SF9’s new album, and more!

In the interview following the pictorial, Rowoon reminisced about how much he had accomplished since he last graced the cover of Cosmopolitan the previous year. “Since then I’ve filmed a whole drama, completed preparations for an album, and am approaching a comeback…I didn’t realize it, but I’ve done a lot,” he mused.

As the theme of the pictorial was travel, Rowoon thought about where he wanted to travel first after the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic improves. He shared, “I don’t think I’ll care where I go. To me, travel is something I have no reason not to do if my schedule allows it. In the past I used to travel within the country often, so I feel suffocated now that I can’t do that.”

Rowoon also revealed that when it comes to trips, he’s definitely not the planning type. “There’s the excitement that comes from not having a plan,” he reasoned. “I’m also not someone who feels elated when my plans go exactly as anticipated.” Rowon then added with a laugh, “Whenever you actually go, nothing ever goes according to plan anyway.”

Rowoon has been known as an idol who writes poems. When asked if he still writes, Rowoon responded, “I don’t write every day. Sometimes I jot down some things like a diary while I’m on the balcony looking outside. I find that my thoughts become organized when I do that. Sometimes I wonder if I could turn those thoughts into lyrics.”

Also well-known for his height, Rowoon mentioned that when he recently went for a checkup, his height was measured to be around 190 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 3 inches). He added humorously, “There’s various rumors about be being 193 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 4 inches) or 196 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 5 inches), but I’m not that tall. I think it’s fine if you just know that I’m around 190 centimeters tall.”

Despite the difficulties that come with having such a tall stature, Rowoon said he tries his best to make his height work for him. “If I think the actor next to me will look really short, I’ll lower myself a little bit,” he mentioned. “Although, whenever I have a romantic scene where there’s a close-up with the actress, many people call the height difference heart-fluttering.” Rowoon laughed as he conceded, “Of course, it’s difficult for the actor with me. Their neck must hurt having to look up all the time.”

When asked what words he wanted to hear as an actor, Rowoon commented, “I want to become a curious person. No matter what role I take on, I hope that people would be curious about me. Saying things like, ‘I wonder how he’ll portray that character,’ ‘I’m looking forward to it.’ That’s my desire.”

Rowoon made himself known as an actor through his roles in the dramas “Extraordinary You” and “She Would Never Know.” He commented that the more he acts, the harder it feels, and that there are even times where he grows frustrated with the script. “I want to be remembered as a good actor. I want to be acknowledged by others,” he revealed. “It’s because of that that I keep pursuing the essence of acting. If I focus too much on the public opinion, I could lose sight of what’s really important.”

Going on to describe his experience with worrying about others’ opinions, Rowoon explained, “I was the type of person who always worried about how I’d look to others and what others thought of me. But suddenly, that life of mine felt so sad. At one point, I figured it would be okay for there to be people who hated me. Now, I’m someone who just blocks everything out so I can focus on my role.”

Rowoon also shared how he wanted to expand his horizons as an actor, expressing his desire to act in a wider variety of roles. “I want to try playing someone ambiguous, where you don’t know if they’re good or evil, or some sort of grotesque role,” he said. “However, there’s also roles that I can only do at my current age, so I’m trying not to miss those opportunities as well.”

Rowoon then mentioned Christian Bale as the actor he’d most like to emulate. When asked for a reason, Rowoon shared, “When you analyze a character, you have no choice but to include your personal interpretation. I think that if the actor is the ground, the character is the tree that grows roots and flourishes. Christian Bale always shows an unexpected result (tree) in that way. His expression is refined, and he has his own sense of style.”

Rowoon is currently filming for his next drama “Yeonmo” (romanized title), which is set to premiere later this year. When asked why he chose the role, Rowoon said, “The two main characters’ story was so tragic that I felt drawn to it. Since it hasn’t aired yet I can’t reveal details, but although this story appears comical, it’s actually tragic.”

He also shared his thoughts on taking on a role in a historical drama for the first time, saying, “A historical drama is ultimately a fantasy. Although there’s historical research on the time period, actors need a lot of imagination since they haven’t actually lived during that time.” He also mentioned that he was working on the tone of his voice to suit his character. “Even if I get some criticism, I want to take on the challenge,” he concluded.

Since the date of the interview, SF9 has released their latest album “TURN OVER.” Rowoon expressed his excitement about their first comeback in a year as he said, “I’m excited to see the fans again after a long time. Everyone must be exhausted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so I hope we can all have fun together.”

When asked what song he liked best from the album, Rowoon answered, “I’m most attached to ‘Believer,’ which the members and I worked hard to record for ‘Kingdom.’ Due to my schedule I wasn’t able to participate as actively, but I was really proud seeing the members.”

Rowoon then shared his thoughts on how he’s changed since his debut. “Compared to before, I think I face reality much more squarely. I also think I’ve grown more courageous in certain areas, like in how I’m not afraid of change.”

As for what he would be doing if he didn’t become an idol or actor, Rowoon pondered, “Wouldn’t I be earning money somehow? I don’t think I’d be able to work for a company. I’m certain of that. The people who know me would definitely agree.”

Rowoon concluded the interview by sharing what he wants to achieve before his thirties. “I had previously set a clear plan for my future, but there was nothing that went according to plan. Now instead of setting goals, I’m just trying to be satisfied with the present. I think that’s the path to happiness.”

Check out Rowoon in his drama “Extraordinary You” below!

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