Watch: Jung So Min And Kim Ji Suk Crack Up At The Question He Asks After Their Kiss Scene In

JTBC has shared a new behind-the-scenes clip for “Monthly Magazine Home”!

In the beginning of the video, Kim Ji Suk checks the props to see if they’re real or not. He peers at the lumps of fermented soybean hanging in the air and declares they’re fake. Then he goes to check the corn, and his jaw drops in shock as soon as he touches it. He asks the viewers, “Do you think this is real or fake?” When people point out that it’s fake, he shares it’s real. However, when they accuse him of lying, he’s quick to admit it, making everyone burst into laughter.

Later on while filming the scene where the actors eat dinner together, Kim Ji Suk sneaks snacks into his mouth and smiles sheepishly when the camera catches him. Chae Jung An points out that he’s on a diet, and Kim Ji Suk reassures her that he won’t gain weight by eating this. Jung So Min advises him to eat two meals a day and cut out all snacks from his life. Kim Ji Suk jokes, “You cut them out of your life. Look who’s talking. You ate a chocolate bar this big earlier. You even drank milk.” He looks at the camera and comments, “We planned to go on a diet together, but she’s [eating everything].” Then he playfully quips, “I guess you don’t eat meals at all,” and his honest jab makes Jung So Min crack up.

Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min team up for their romantic kiss scene. The two actors professionally discuss how to portray it in the best way and rehearse several times. They start shooting the kiss scene, and Kim Ji Suk sweetly takes care of his co-star. They film the scene from a different angle, but once that’s over, Jung So Min bursts into laughter as she admits it feels like he hit her cheek. They monitor the scene and laugh when they notice Kim Ji Suk’s thumb pressed too tightly against her face.

Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk do another take, and when it’s over, he asks, “Did you like it?” After realizing his miswording, he quickly asks, “Was it all right?” Kim Ji Suk fervently tries to explain what he meant, while Jung So Min cracks up next to him. She remarks, “People usually ask, ‘Was it okay?'” Kim Ji Suk attempts to make her stop talking, and laughing, he declares, “It’s a misunderstanding!” Then he adds, “I’m probably the only male actor who asked his co-star, ‘Did you like it?’ after a kiss scene.”

“Monthly Magazine Home” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST. Watch the full making-of video below!

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