Lee Ga Ryung, Jun Soo Kyung, And Park Joo Mi Have A Heart-To-Heart About Divorce And Affairs In “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) 2”

“Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2” has previewed a heart-to-heart conversation between the three female leads of the drama.

“Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2” is the second season of the TV Chosun drama about three women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s whose marriages are shaken up when they discover their husbands are having an affair. The drama currently holds the record for the highest ratings among TV Chosun dramas.


After an intense confrontation with her cheating husband Shin Yoo Shin (Lee Tae Gon), Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) resolved on divorcing him. On the other hand, Lee Si Eun (Jun Soo Kyung) heard from her own ex-husband, Park Hae Ryoon (Jeon No Min), something about Ah Mi (Song Ji In), who is Shin Yoo Shin’s lover, and was conflicted about whether she should tell Sa Pi Young. At the same time, Boo Hye Ryung (Lee Ga Ryung) drunkenly confessed to her husband, Pan Sa Hyun (Sung Hoon), that she wanted to try again in their marriage.

In the new stills, the three women meet for dinner to discuss their marriages, divorces, and their husbands’ affairs. Sa Pi Young invited Boo Hye Ryung and Lee Si Eun for drinks and revealed that she was getting divorced, to the other women’s shock. In their conversation, all three women shared their sorrow, anger, and disappointment at their husbands’ infidelity.

This scene was filmed in the middle of June and showed the good chemistry that had built among the three actresses, who had worked together since season 1. As soon as Park Joo Mi appeared on set, Jun Soo Kyung and Lee Ga Ryung applauded her character for finally resolving on divorce, and the three actresses shared their hopes that their characters would walk new paths from now on.

The production staff stated, “This scene will show the various thoughts the women have on divorce and affairs. Many women and wives will be able to relate to the thoughts shared here. We hope that people will relate to the three women and share their pain and tears.”

Another set of stills showed a tearful meeting between Pan Sa Hyun, Boo Hye Ryung, and Pan Sa Hyun’s parents, Pan Moon Ho (Kim Eung Soo) and So Ye Jung (Lee Jong Nam). Boo Hye Ryung’s drunken confession to her husband last episode was sparked by memories of what he had been like when they were dating. She said to him, “You were really good to me, even though it wasn’t easy. I won’t mention the past again, so let’s try this again.”

In the new stills, the elder couple are a little surprised by their son and daughter-in-law’s visit, but welcome them warmly and carry out a conversation of relaxed small talk before dinner. But Boo Hye Ryung, who had remained calm until now, says something to Pan Sa Hyun and then bursts into tears, shocking everyone at the table.

The production staff stated, “Pan Sa Hyun and Boo Hye Ryung represent a young generation of married couples who experience conflict due to different values and different thoughts about having children. In episode 13, a secret that has never been revealed about this couple will be revealed.”

This episode of “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2” will air on July 24 at 9 p.m. KST. The next episode, which was scheduled to air on July 25, will be canceled due to the Olympics and to improve the drama’s production.

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