ATEEZ Members Share Their Thoughts On Acting And “Imitation” After Drama’s Finale

The four ATEEZ members who appeared in KBS’s “Imitation” shared their closing comments on the drama.

Based on a hit webtoon, “Imitation” is a drama about the lives of idols in the cutthroat entertainment industry. Through their agency, KQ Entertainment, Yunho, Seonghwa, San, and Jongho talked about taking on the challenge of acting and their thoughts on “Imitation.”

Yunho starred as Yoo Jin, a member of the boy group Sparkling, who appears gentle on the outside but has a strong stubborn streak inside. Through the course of the drama, Yoo Jin achieved his dream of becoming a successful idol after Sparkling won the award for best male dance group, but had to turn over a fresh leaf after his crush on his friend, Ma Ha (Jung Ji So), was unrequited.

Yunho said, “It feels like just yesterday when we had the first filming for ‘Imitation,’ but it’s already time for closing comments. It’s a strange and indescribable feeling. Thanks to an amazing director, staff, and actors, and thanks to the help of everyone around me, I was able to learn a lot and make meaningful memories. Thank you to everyone who liked and cheered Yoo Jin on.”

Jongho played Hyuk, the youngest member of the top idol group SHAX, which was led by Kwon Ryoc (Lee Jun Young). Hyuk bickered often with his fellow SHAX member Do Jin (Yuri). Jongho said, “I was really happy and had a lot of fun after I met the character ‘Hyuk.’ It was my first drama, so I worked really hard, and I hope that came across to the viewers. All the staff worked hard, including the director, who shared such good advice with me throughout the drama. I also want to thank the SHAX members, SHAX’s manager, Dae Kwon, and all the other actors. Thank you for watching ‘Imitation’ until the end, and I will continue to show a good side of myself as ATEEZ’s Jongho.”

Seonghwa played Sparkling’s leader, Se Young. Whenever Yoo Jin and Hyun Oh (Suwoong) fought, he would calm them down with his quiet charisma, and he also showed his considerate side by letting Min Soo (San) take the spotlight instead of him. Seonghwa said, “I was really happy to have met a project like ‘Imitation.’ Seeing myself in a drama felt strange and like a dream. I want to thank the director, who gave me this chance, and all the production staff, who endured more than anyone else while filming. Because of them, I felt encouraged to work even harder. It was also a meaningful experience to work with such great seniors. I will become someone who can show an even better image from now on. Thank you to the viewers and to ATINYs who watched ‘Imitation.'”

San played the Sparkling member Min Soo, who was described as being the “entry point” into stanning Sparkling. He and Seonghwa, as members of the same group both in real life and in the drama, showed a realistic charm in their day-to-day lives. San said, “I would like it if people who are fighting for their dreams gained a bit of strength from ‘Imitation.’ I was really nervous when I first started to act, but it was that much more of a valuable and unforgettable experience in my life. It was an honor to work with such great directors, staff, and senior actors. I will continue to show even better sides of myself in future. Thank you very much to the viewers who sent their love for ‘Imitation.'”

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