Girl’s Day’s Minah Transforms Into A Zestful Coordinator In New Romance Drama

MBC’s upcoming drama “Check Out the Event” has shared a sneak peek of its leading lady Girl’s Day’s Minah!

“Check Out the Event” is a new romance drama about two ex-lovers who win a couples trip in a lottery that they entered before breaking up. In order to go on the trip, they pretend to still be together as they travel to Jeju Island with several other couples.

Minah will star in the drama as Ha Song Yi, a coordinator at a botanical garden who goes through a rough patch after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, while Kwon Hwa Woon will star as her ex Park Do Kyum, the secretly soft-hearted leader and vocalist of an indie band.

On July 27, the drama unveiled stills of Minah’s new character. Ha Song Yi started working at the botanical garden because she believes that although people will betray her, plants won’t. She is honest with her emotions, and she can seem kind of quirky at times, but she has lovely charms.

In the photos, Ha Song Yi is at her workplace. She exudes a jovial aura and has a radiating smile on her face. Ha Song Yi is a hard worker, and her expression grows serious as she concentrates on her job. Her passion conveys how much she loves her work.

The producers remarked, “Minah’s unique positive virus has permeated her character. Viewers can expect the most perfect character synchronization.”

Then they added, “The drama will show a realistic love story that anyone who has experienced breakups and has loved can relate to. Please look forward to it.”

“Check Out the Event” will premiere on August 14 at 9:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Check out the main poster here!

While you’re waiting, watch Minah in “Absolute Boyfriend” below:

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