Watch: Kim Ji Suk Gives Relationship Advice And Talks About How To Get Over Breakups While Filming

Monthly Magazine Home” released a new making-of video!

The new behind-the-scenes video starts off with the cast playing a children’s game called “The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed,” which is similar to the game “Red Light, Green Light.” However, the actors have to film the scene again because Chae Jung An accidentally plays the game wrong by tagging Ahn Chang Hwan.

Chae Jung An and Jung Gun Joo both scramble to move at the last moment, causing the director to tell them to move faster. He comments, “You two have good teamwork.” Chae Jung An asks Jung So Min, “Should I make you laugh even harder? It’s difficult to laugh, right? I should make you laugh more, right?” Jung So Min responds, “I’d be grateful. Kyum (Jung Gun Joo) isn’t funny no matter what he does.” Nevertheless, the two both try their best to make silly poses.

Looking at the school’s timetable, Kim Ji Suk asks the rest of the cast if they didn’t have to take a class on practical skills. However, since the rest of the actors seem to be too young, he asks Chae Jung An. She reveals she had drill classes instead, which was stopped in 1997. Kim Ji Suk teases her and brings up a movie that takes place in the past, causing Chae Jung An to comment, “I’m suddenly getting angry.”

After filming a scene of him furiously moving the office furniture around, Kim Ji Suk states, “Let’s call a company. I’m so tired. It’s really heavy.” Reflecting on his character’s breakup, Kim Ji Suk explains, “You have to accept the situation to recover. If you’re like this, the backlash will be worse. Speaking from experience, if you try to do something else in order to forget, there’ll be a blow at some point. If that happens, you’ll fall with a crash. That’s why you have to quickly accept it. Ja Sung (Kim Ji Suk) right now is….”

He continues, “Everything in a relationship isn’t easy, especially since it’s the first time for him. He’s a child who has just started to love. That’s why for a man like Ja Sung, the person he meets is really important. Depending on the who he meets, Ja Sung could mature or get hurt. A woman like Young Won (Jung So Min) is such a blessing.”

In the final behind-the-scenes clip, Kim Won Hae appears with a coin and a small lid to show off surprising magic tricks.

Watch the full making-of video below!

“Monthly Magazine Home” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST.

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