“Monthly Magazine Home” Cast Bids Farewell To The Drama With Closing Words Ahead Of Finale

The actors of JTBC’s “Monthly Magazine Home” have shared some comments ahead of the drama’s finale!

First off, Jung So Min, who made viewers smile with her acting as the warm and lovely Na Young Won, shared, “While playing Na Young Won, I understood our differences, and I was able to look back on myself while sympathizing with our similarities. I was really happy to meet the precious cast of ‘Monthly Magazine Home’ that is really like a family to me now. I am truly grateful to the viewers for cheering for me and watching the drama until the end.”

Kim Ji Suk, who starred as the proud but sweet Yoo Ja Sung, commented, “I was so happy while filming ‘Monthly Magazine Home.’ I loved the warm laughter and the excitement that we could show our story to the viewers. Also, I was glad to give everyone some comfort and laughter during the hard times. I hope this will be an opportunity to reflect on what kind of space home is and what it means to you. Thank you for loving me.”

Jung Gun Joo made hearts flutter with his acting as the sweet Shin Kyum who had a one-sided crush on Na Young Won. The actor remarked, “It feels new to watch the showafter the long filming has come to an end. I was able to see, learn, and feel a lot of things through the director, cast, and crew on a fun and pleasant set. Thank you for loving ‘Monthly Magazine Home’ all this time. I will greet you again with another good project.”

Chae Jung Eun charmed viewers with her transformation into the energetic and honest Yeo Eui Joo. She said, “This drama had bright energy, so I was happy throughout filming. I would like to thank the cast that I happily worked with and the hard-working crew. Above all, I sincerely appreciate the viewers who laughed and cried with Yeo Eui Joo.”

Kim Won Hae made viewers laugh as the chief editor who would always put a smile on in front of his boss Yoo Ja Sung. The actor expressed his affection for the drama, saying, “It was a meaningful drama that I enjoyed filming with the cast and crew. It was the best because we were together, and I was truly happy.”

Ahn Chang Hwan took the role of Nam Sang Soon, a character with realistic concerns about houses. He shared that he was really grateful and happy because of ‘Monthly Magazine Home’ and added, “I will cherish the memories of meeting Nam Sang Soon and being happy, and I will also remember my fellow family-like actors whom I relied on. I am sincerely grateful to the viewers who watched and loved ‘Monthly Magazine Home.'”

The final episode of “Monthly Magazine Home” airs on August 5 at 9 p.m. KST.

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