Yang Hyun Suk's Legal Reps Deny He Threatened Informant In Case Involving B.I

On August 13 at 11 a.m., the Seoul Central District Court held the first trial for the ongoing case of Yang Hyun Suk and B.I.

B.I is suspected of purchasing marijuana and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) from an acquaintance (hereafter referred to as “A”) in 2016 and using it, and he admitted to some of the suspicions. In February 2020, it was reported that he tested negative in drug tests. Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of coaxing and threatening “A” in 2016 to reverse their statement about B.I purchasing and using illegal drugs and attempting to cover up the investigation. “A” changed their testimony, and B.I was initially acquitted of his charges at the time.

On June 7, it was revealed that the violent crimes department of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office indicted B.I on the charge of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. on May 28. On the same day, Yang Hyun Suk was indicted for threatening retaliation. Both were indicted without detention.

Yang Hyun Suk was not present at the first hearing because a defendant is not obliged to attend until the court’s final decision date. The prosecutors and Yang Hyun Suk’s legal representatives shared opinions on the issue and discussed the schedule for further trials.

The prosecutors stated, “After receiving a report from YG employee Kim about ‘A’s’ police statement, Yang Hyun Suk called ‘A’ to the company building and threatened her to take back her testimony about B.I and make a false statement.” They pointed out Yang Hyun Suk had told “A,” “You need to be a good kid. I can read all the reports. It’ll be a piece of cake to kill you.”

In response, Yang Hyun Suk’s legal representatives claimed, “We deny all the charges.” They added, “It is true that he met up with Han Seo Hee (‘A’) and spoke with her, but he never threatened her or forced her to make false statements.”

When the court asked if Yang Hyun Suk desires a a trial with citizen participation, his legal representative answered, “He does not want it.”

On the same day, Kim, who was indicted as Yang’s accomplice, also denied the charges, and Lee, who was accused of ordering “A” to leave the country, has fled the country, so the court decided to consider issuing an arrest warrant.

The court will hold another hearing on September 17 and start a formal trial in October.

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