3 Reasons To Catch The Premiere Of “Check Out The Event”

Two ex-lovers are about to embark on a life-changing trip!

Check Out the Event” is about two ex-lovers who win a couples trip in a lottery that they entered before breaking up. In order to go on the trip, they pretend to be a couple and travel to Jeju Island together with several other couples.

Ahead of its premiere, the drama revealed three points to be on the lookout for.

Travel x romance

Although there are many dramas, movies, and variety shows that showcase the beauty of Jeju island, “Check Out the Event” takes it even further because of the set-up that the three couples won a package tour to the island. Rather than highlighting the island’s hidden beauties, the drama will portray realistic scenes with a touch of cinematography.

One thing to look out for is how the dynamic of each couple changes according to the tour given by their guide Seo Ji Kang (An Woo Yeon). Ha Song Yi (Girl’s Day’s Minah) and Park Do Kyum (Kwon Hwa Woon) broke up after a long relationship. Song Jong Ho (UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk) and Noh Hyo Jung (Nam Kyu Hee) are coming to realize their differing levels of love. Hyun Kyung Mi (Kim Young Sun) and Kang Jae Nam (Kim Hee Chang) feel more sorry than loving towards one another. It will be interesting to see how their relationships evolve.

Synergy of the seven

The seven characters that take on this journey together will add more to the story together. Minah is returning to the drama scene after two years and Kwon Hwa Woon is known to have performed well in a variety of genres. “Check Out the Event” will revolve around these two as well as An Woo Yeon, who leaves a strong impression with each role he takes on. Although in the drama the seven are strangers that meet on the first day of the trip, they have grown close in real life on set. In a recent livestream, they knew of each other’s preferences perfectly and showcased their great chemistry.

100% relatable

The third reason to check out “Check Out the Event” is that the story deals with aspects anyone can relate to. Ha Song Yi goes on this “last trip of their relationship” with the purpose of turning her ex’s heart around and getting back together. Any viewer that has experienced an unexpected breakup can understand her plan to take the trip as an opportunity. By dealing with relationships in a realistic way, the drama will be much more relatable to its viewers. Viewers can also relate to not being on the same page with their partners through Song Jong Ho and Noh Hyo Jung’s relationship.

“Check Out the Event” premieres August 14 at 9:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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