“LOUD” Finishes Casting Round As 19 Trainees Join JYP Entertainment Or P Nation + 3 Contestants Eliminated

On the August 14 episode of SBS’s “LOUD,” the casting round came to an end.

As stated in previous episodes, the contestants were first divided into three groups according to their rankings from advance fan votes. Each contestant has a chance to show off his skills in front of Park Jin Young and PSY, and the two judges decide whether to make him a casting offer.

Each judge has 10 cards to cast contestants out of the 22 remaining contestants. If a contestant received offers from both agencies, then he could choose between the two himself. If a contestant did not receive an offer, he would remain “on hold” until the end, when it would be decided whether he was eliminated or cast into one of the agencies.

The casting thus far was as follows:

  • Kim Dong Hyun: P Nation
  • Lee Su Jae: On hold
  • Eun Hwi: P Nation, JYP Entertainment (cast by both agencies but chose P Nation)
  • Daniel Jikal: P Nation
  • Tanaka Koki: On hold
  • Lim Kyeong Mun: On hold
  • Cheon Jun Hyeok: P Nation
  • Park Yong Geon: JYP Entertainment
  • Zo Doo Hyun: JYP Entertainment
  • Yoon Min: JYP Entertainment
  • Kang Hyun Woo: On hold
  • Lee Ye Dam: P Nation, JYP Entertainment
  • Oh Sung Jun: P Nation, JYP Entertainment
  • Mitsuyuki Amaru: JYP Entertainment, P Nation

The casting for this episode took place like this:

  • Woo Kyung Jun: P Nation
  • Youn Dong Yeon: JYP Entertainment
  • Kim Min Seoung: On hold
  • Jang Hyun Soo: On hold
  • Choi Tae Hun: P Nation
  • Lee Dong Hyeon: JYP Entertainment
  • Okamoto Keiju: JYP Entertainment, P Nation
  • Lee Gye Hun: JYP Entertainment, P Nation

Here are the final results of the casting round:

JYP Entertainment

  • Park Yong Geon
  • Zo Doo Hyun
  • Yoon Min
  • Mitsuyuki Amaru
  • Youn Dong Yeon
  • Lee Dong Hyeon
  • Okamoto Keiju
  • Lee Gye Hun
  • Kang Hyun Woo

JYP Entertainment shared a group photo of the trainees on their new Twitter account.

P Nation

  • Kim Dong Hyun
  • Eun Hwi
  • Daniel Jikal
  • Cheon Jun Hyeok
  • Lee Ye Dam
  • Oh Sung Jun
  • Woo Kyung Jun
  • Choi Tae Hun
  • Tanaka Koki
  • Jang Hyun Soo

P Nation shared a group photo of the trainees on their new Twitter account.

Eliminated Contestants:

  • Lim Kyeong Mun
  • Kim Min Seoung
  • Lee Su Jae

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