HyunA And DAWN To Release 1st Duet + HyunA Writes Heartfelt Post About MV Filming

HyunA and DAWN are preparing to debut as a duo!

On August 16, the star couple’s agency P NATION released the first teaser announcing the September 9 release.

HyunA also took to her Instagram to write about her experience filming the music video. Along with spoiler clips of the upcoming music video, HyunA shared the following heartfelt words:

The 11th and 14th
Two full days for 48 hours
Thank you to the many people who joined us
All I can say is thank you and thank you again
I can’t think of better words that can fully express how I feel
I think this music video filming was more meaningful and special
I am really thankful to our family of staff
Because I usually faint several times a day, an ambulance was ready on the music video set for the first time
I was dancing excitedly, and I fainted again as expected
I was really upset because my body wouldn’t fully cooperate when preparing also
I think it’s my fault for not taking better care of my body earlier
I opened my eyes after getting hooked to an IV in between
My blood pressure at the time was 70 over 40, so I couldn’t continue filming immediately
But what I thought alone when I returned home after finishing was, “Wow, what a relief”
I think on one hand, I’m crazy for being like this, but I’m not sure
Thinking of the people I love, I just felt thankful for everything
Because I am happiest on stage
My warm teachers and stylists who quietly stay by my side and make me look the prettiest and coolest
Thank you for everything
And sorry..
I’ll take better care of myself
Our A-ing (HyunA’s fan club)
I’ll perform as much as my body can handle
And I’ll work hard to not make you feel ashamed
I’ll eat well and work out more
I’m sorry for only worrying you
I’m going to the hospital on Tuesday, and I’ll get examined again and get my medication
I’m someone who lacks so much
But thank you so so much for always loving and cherishing me
And.. DAWN I’m really sorry
Thank you always, and I love you.

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