Watch: Minah, An Woo Yeon, Lee Jin Hyuk, And More Have A Blast Filming At The Beach For

MBC’s latest drama “Check out the Event” released a new behind-the-scenes video!

“Check Out the Event” is a four-episode drama about two ex-lovers who win a couples trip in a lottery that they entered before breaking up. In order to go on the trip, they pretend to be a couple again and travel to Jeju Island together with several other couples.

In the making-of video, Girl’s Day’s Minah pretends to be racing with a caddy cart. She later shows how she has to crouch down at the bottom of the stairs to film the scene of her walking up.

At the beach, Minah runs in slow-motion and yells, “Do Kyum (Kwon Hwa Woon), try to catch me!” Holding up a piece of seaweed, she comments, “Look at this! What could this be?” UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk plays along and answers, “That’s seaweed soup!” Continuing to run with the seaweed in hand, Minah sweetly calls out Do Kyum’s name again.

In the following scene, Minah loses her way while filming in a maze. Holding up a large black umbrella, the production team helps give her directions from above to get her out of the maze. Finally escaping the maze, Minah yells, “I’m done! I almost couldn’t film.”

Lee Jin Hyuk and Nam Kyu Hee playfully film themselves with their phone camera. Nam Kyu Hee compliments Lee Jin Hyuk’s hair, and he shares, “It’s burning right now. It’s on fire.” Later, Lee Jin Hyuk turns the camera around and shares, “I’ll go interview someone else,” making Nam Kyu Hee chase after him.

In an interview at the end of the video, An Woo Yeon shares, “It was exciting because it was our first filming, but since we worked together a lot beforehand at the script reading, I think I was somewhat comfortable. Isn’t that right, Song Yi (Minah)?” Minah robotically responds, “You’re right,” causing An Woo Yeon to comment, “You were uncomfortable, weren’t you? You were very uncomfortable.”

Minah explains, “That’s not it. Since it was my first time filming on Jeju Island and because our schedule on Jeju Island wasn’t exactly on the flexible side, I think I was a bit nervous.” An Woo Yeon adds, “Adding on to that, Song Yi didn’t sleep a wink.” Minah shares, “I went to sleep at 3:30, but I had to wake up at 3:30.” The two actors also mention how hard the production team is working on the project.

“Check out the Event” airs on Saturdays at 9:50 p.m. KST. Watch the full making-of video below!

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