Stray Kids Talks About Upcoming Comeback And Shares Gratitude For Fans

Ahead of their comeback, Stray Kids spoke about their upcoming album and their love for fans!

On August 23, Stray Kids will be making their first comeback in 11 months with their second full-length studio album “NOEASY” and title track “Thunderous.”

“Thunderous” is created by 3RACHA, the producing group within Stray Kids comprised of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. The trio commented, “We’re freely sharing ideas and making music in a comfortable environment. We’re constantly thinking of ways to make music unique to us that is both new and witty. Discovering what others haven’t done yet is our assignment that we are solving and will continue to solve in the future.”

As the Korean title of “Thunderous” is “Sorikkun,” which is three syllables like the Korean titles of Stray Kids’ previous hits “God’s Menu” and “Back Door,” some have coined the phrase “333 Hits Formula” to reflect anticipation for another successful track from the group.

The members responded, “There’s nothing to be called a formula or jinx, and it’s just our rule to do our best everyday. If the sincerity of us enjoyably performing on stage reaches many people, we consider that to be Stray Kids’ formula. We hope that sincerity is conveyed this time also.”

The album is already seeing success before its release as the group set a new personal record with over 830,000 stock pre-orders, more than doubling the amount from their last album “IN生” (“IN LIFE”).

Even when the group is not promoting, they consistently remain in communication with their fans. From July 26 through August 1, Stray Kids held “STAYweeK,” a week-long celebration for the third anniversary of their fandom’s name STAY being created. Stray Kids shared, “We recently celebrated our third anniversary with STAY. The reason we haven’t changed throughout these three years is our trust in each other and our chemistry, as well as the love we have for STAY. These three things will never change even in the future.”

They continued, “Thanks to the unchanging love and support we receive from STAY, we’ve been able to try out various things musically and clearly define our team-specific color. With each new album release and promotion period, we’re building up happy memories with our fans. We hope to create another precious memory together during our ‘NOEASY’ promotions.”

Stray Kids’ second full album “NOEASY” will drop on August 23 at 6 p.m. KST. At 7 p.m. KST, the group will hold the Mnet “Comeback Show” they received as a prize for winningKingdom: Legendary War” and will perform “Thunderous” for the first time.

Check out the album teasers here!

Watch Stray Kids on “Kingdom: Legendary War” below:

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