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The actors of JTBC’s “Nevertheless” have shared a few words of farewell in a behind-the-scenes video!

The drama came to an end on August 21 on a slight ratings rise.

Han So Hee starts off the video saying, “Hello, this is Han So Hee, who played Yoo Na Bi in ‘Nevertheless.’ We started filming in a slightly chilly weather and wrapped up filming during the hot summer. Though I’m not sure if we lived up to your expectations for Na Bi and Jae Uhn, thank you for watching until the end. I will greet you with even better projects, so please wait for me. Thank you for all of your love and attention until now.”

She also shares a message to Song Kang in the role of Jae Uhn. She playfully says, “Hi, Jae Uhn,” and goes on to share her genuine thoughts. She says, “I was really thankful that you were Jae Uhn,” and thanks him for cheering her up when she felt like she was lacking. “I’ll support all of your future days. You worked hard. Don’t get sick, and I’d like you to work hard and do well on your next project as well. Let’s go eat something yummy! Thanks. I’m sorry, and thanks.”

To her friends in the sculpture department, she reveals that she was worried because she tends to be shy around new people and thanks the actors for helping her, supporting her, and being with her during the difficult shoots. “Though this drama is over, I hope we’ll continue to see each other, and I hope I had a positive influence on all of you as well.”

Addressing the viewers, she says, “‘Nevertheless’ is finally over. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’m feeling relieved, sad, and regretful. I sincerely thank you for loving Na Bi. I hope that ‘Nevertheless’ will remain in your hearts. Thank you so much. See you again!”

Next, Song Kang comments on wrapping up the drama. “Today was finally the last day of filming. This time, I traveled a lot to the countryside to film, but as the countryside shoots were reduced one by one, it felt different. I also remember the time of our first filming, so I’m feeling mixed emotions. But I think I’ve wrapped it up well, so I’m happy. ‘Nevertheless’ will be interesting until the end, so please give it lots of love.”

Asked to send a message to Han So Hee in the role of Na Bi, Song Kang laughs and shares, “Na Bi, you spoke so badly of Jae Uhn, and now you finally won’t be seeing him. Congratulations! Just kidding. I’m the same age as Na Bi, and I was thankful that we could film enjoyably like friends. Bye!”

To the viewers, Song Kang remarks, “Are you enjoying ‘Nevertheless’? It will be really fun until the end, so please show lots of love. Please love Na Bi, Jae Uhn, and all of the other characters. Thank you.”

Chae Jong Hyeop, who played Yang Do Hyuk, is the next actor to be interviewed. He shares, “Thank you so much for watching. It doesn’t feel real yet [that it’s ending]. It feels like I have to film tomorrow too, and I’m in a bit of a daze. I’m having mixed feelings. For five to six months, I worked really hard to live as the character Yang Do Hyuk in ‘Nevertheless,’ so I didn’t know it would end so quickly.”

He also mentions that because “Nevertheless” is based on a webtoon, people may have had different opinions on how closely the drama should follow the original story. “All of us tried to bring it to life in a way that’s realistic and similar to the webtoon. There were some parts that were different, so thank you for loving those different parts as well. I put my own spin on Yang Do Hyuk in the way that I imagined him, so thank you for understanding. Thank you for enjoying, watching, and loving the drama.”

Lastly, Oh Bit Na’s actor Yang Hye Ji says, “I had so much fun filming that it feels like time went by very quickly, so I think there will be some lingering feelings.” Asked to share a few words to her friends in the drama, she says, “I really want to say something to each of them. Jae Uhn, I’m sorry for calling you a flower. You’re not a flower, but a firm and big tree. You’re so reliable, you tree. Sol, Ji Wan, thank you for being the reason I had fun every time I came to the set. And the rest of the group, Se Young, Se Hoon, Jin Soo, Sung Yoon, etcetera, they all come to mind. Thank you all so much, and I want to thank them.”

To the viewers, she shares, “Thank you so much for watching ‘Nevertheless.’ I was hoping Oh Bit Na would appear very charming, but I’m not sure if she did. I will become an actress who works hard and improves at acting.” She adds in English, “Thank you for watching ‘Nevertheless,’ and I hope you enjoyed it. Love you!”

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