Brave Girls Talks About Cutting Their Previous Promotions Short Due To COVID-19, Their New Comeback, And More

Brave Girls participated in an interview about the release of “After ‘We Ride,'” a repackaged version of their fifth mini album “Summer Queen.”

Minyoung talked about the meaning of the album and song title “After ‘We Ride,'” which refers to their previous song “We Ride,” released in August 2020. She said, “We thought that ‘We Ride’ would be our last album. But due to the resurgence of ‘Rollin” and later ‘We Ride,’ we were able to build a sequel to that story. At first, ‘We Ride’ is about a couple who broke up and are sad, but on the other hand, it is due to breakups that we are able to find new love, so we don’t have to be too sad. Brave Brothers told us to sing the song with the feelings of a breakup, so we tried hard to bring those feelings to life.”

Brave Girls had a successful first comeback after their chart resurgence with “Summer Queen” and its title track “Chi Mat Ba Ram.” The group was planning to continue promoting their b-side track “Pool Party” when they had to cut their promotions short. In July, an external staff member at one of Brave Girls’ events tested positive for COVID-19, and although the Brave Girls members tested negative for the virus, it was decided out of caution and the rise of cases in South Korea to end their “Summer Queen” promotions.

Eunji said, “We prepared that album while feeling the pressure of releasing a new album after the chart resurgence. When the album hit No. 1 on the music chart as soon as it was released, we thought it was a dream. We’d never had a regular “surge” [as opposed to a ‘resurge’] before. Since it was an album that had received a lot of love, we decided to prepare the repackaged album right away out of gratitude.”

Yujeong said, “Since it was our first album after our resurgence, we wanted to show more diverse sides of ourselves through the b-side track promotions. Instead, we suddenly had to wrap up promotions, so we felt some regrets. More than anything else, we felt sad and upset about having to disappoint our fans. Since we released a new song just one month later, we hope that fans will be able to assuage their regrets. Since we’ve achieved a ‘forward’ surge for the first time after our ‘reverse’ surge, we’d like to hold on to that new title.”

Asked what they thought was the key to their newfound success, Yujeong said, “I think that our approachability and relatability are our strong points. We’re not rookie idols and we have a lot of experience under our belts, so we don’t have to have a sense of mystique and we can just be our honest selves. I think that that felt fresh and relatable to the general public.”

Minyoung said, “When we promote together, it’s easier to live in one house together with our manager. We’re used to living in the same dorm, so it doesn’t really matter, but our CEO [Brave Brothers] looked into individual dorms for each of us so that we can be more comfortable. At first, it felt empty because I didn’t have the other members, but it is definitely more comfortable to have your own bathroom. The time that it takes to get ready in the morning was reduced by a lot. Since we’re still in the same building, I go over to the other members’ houses when I’m bored.”

Eunji said, “I think that the biggest difference in my life is that I’ve learned to love myself. I’ve developed self-confidence. There are times when I’ve said the name of our group out loud and the broadcasters would cut me off, that’s how little we were known, and there were many times when our feelings were hurt. Now when we go to film things, the staff members cheer us on and recognize us, so it’s an enjoyable experience to film.”

Check out the MV for “After ‘We Ride'” here!

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