8 K-Pop Songs To Listen To When It Rains

Rainy days hold a certain magic to them, whether it’s to make you feel nostalgic over days long past or simply to give a douse of relief, there’s no doubt that rain and rainy days usher in a new mood. Such days inevitably call for a new playlist to be set on replay, and we have just the perfect songs for you to jam to!

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “Rain”

An old favorite, you can count on Taeyeon’s honey vocals to convey the longing and nostalgia that stirs up as you watch the gentle taps of the rain against the windows. While there’s a sadness to it, the song also offers comfort in its parting lines, “The sound of the rain sounds peaceful, as if it’s asking me how my day was. / In the raindrops of you, colored with the faraway memories.”

2. Heize – “You, Clouds, Rain” with Shin Yong Jae

Heize’s pieces are always a wonder, and her collaboration with Shin Yong Jae is no exception! Her sweet and wispy tone pairs with his gentle and heartfelt verse to weave in the feelings of regrets over a past relationship that is brought into one’s consciousness when it rains. The lyrics are simple, but poignant in their meaning, “Because it was raining / I thought of you.”

3. BTS’s RM – “Forever Rain”

A slow-paced song that draws you in with its somber piano melody, “Forever Rain” captivates with RM’s mellow rap delivering a tale of introspection, loneliness, and a longing to break free. It’s refreshing in its honesty, baring a barrage of complicated emotions through a music video that’s almost ironic in its monochromatic minimalism. But what an elegant style of delivery!

“When it rains I / Get a little feeling that I do have a friend / Keeps knocking on my windows / Asks me if I’m doing well”

4. PENTAGON – “When It Rains In Night”

“When It Rains In Night” is a moody number that speaks to the incessant pain that throbs after a recent breakup. The emotional crooning of the members flows well with the slow rap to communicate the lingering feelings of longing for an ex: “When it rains, just like me / I just hope you miss me too.”

5. IU – “A Gloomy Clock” with SHINee’s Jonghyun

There’s something truly sad about “A Gloomy Clock,” a song that is blatant in conveying depression and a deep-seated gloominess and yet does so in a way that can almost be described as whimsical, with the rhythmic ticking of a clock and occasional whistle in the background. IU’s gentle, lilting tone is complemented perfectly by Jonghyun’s deeper baritone to make for a melancholic and charming song, perfect to fall into a daze to on slow, rainy days.

“It’s raining, it’s raining / making things sticky, it keeps raining / I’m sleepy, I’m sleepy / I’m too lazy to do anything”

6. Sunwoo Jung-A – “Run With Me”

Sunwoo Jung-A’s beautiful vocal tones shine especially bright in “Run With Me,” a song that feels like a friend who is both a safe emotional harbor in times of need and someone who would be right beside you, fighting every step of the way when you feel like you are ready to get back on your feet. And that is exactly how the trajectory of the song maps out, starting with a lilting whisper that grows into a full-bodied belting before ending on the dying whispers of, “Let’s go with me right now / Let’s run away.”

7. B.I – “illa illa”

B.I’s soulful voice in “illa illa” contrasts well with the laidback melody to paint a picture of loneliness and desperation that is ultimately beaten back by the rising of new hope. The song bursts forth uncontrollably with an infectious energy in the latter half to represent a sense of hopefulness and grounded resolve, much like a phoenix rising from a mound of ashes.

“Though I know it will crumble / I’ll probably build a sandcastle again”

8. GFRIEND – “Summer Rain”

Capping things off with perhaps the most upbeat track in this list, GFRIEND’s “Summer Rain” is a much-welcomed sprinkle of summer rain that pays tribute to the surprise and sweetness of a love that arrives unexpectedly. The charm of the song lies in the members’ sweet vocal tone that gives life to a love story that is looked back on fondly with, “So beautiful, like a stream of rain water / Our crystal clear story.”

Hey Soompiers, what songs do you have in your rainy-day playlist? Share with us your top favorites in the comments below!

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