Update: ITZY Drops More Playful “SWIPE” Version Teasers For “Crazy In Love” Comeback

Updated September 17 KST: 

ITZY has released a second set of “SWIPE” concept photos for “Crazy in Love”!

Updated September 16 KST:

ITZY has released their first “SWIPE” concept photos for their upcoming return with “Crazy in Love”!

Updated September 15 KST:

ITZY has now released Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Ryujin’s photobook previews for “Crazy in Love”!

Check out their new video clips and photos below:

Updated September 14 KST: 

ITZY shared more photobook previews from “Crazy in Love” of Lia and Yeji!

Updated September 13 KST:

ITZY has released new photobook previews for their upcoming first full-length album “Crazy in Love”!

Updated September 10 KST: 

ITZY has unveiled the track list for their first studio album, “Crazy in Love”!

“LOCO” is the album’s title track, which will also have an English version. Six of the songs are instrumental versions, including of previous releases like “DALLA DALLA,” “ICY,” “WANNABE,” “Not Shy,” and “In the morning.”

Updated September 9 KST:

ITZY has now released Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna’s “LOCO” concept photos for their upcoming full-length album “Crazy in Love”!

Updated September 8 KST:

ITZY has unveiled new “LOCO” concept photos of Lia and Yeji for their upcoming return with “Crazy in Love”!

Updated September 7 KST: 

ITZY has dropped the first concept photo for their comeback with their first full album, “Crazy in Love.”

Original Article: 

Get ready: ITZY is coming back!

On September 6 at midnight KST, ITZY released a captivating “Opening Trailer” for their highly-anticipated comeback later this month.

The group’s upcoming return with “CRAZY IN LOVE,” which is due out on September 24 at 1 p.m. KST, will mark the release of their very first full-length album since their debut in 2019.

Check out ITZY’s teaser schedule and track list for the album here, and watch their exciting new comeback trailer below!

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