PURPLE KISS Talks About Making Their 1st-Ever Comeback, Goals For The Future, And More

PURPLE KISS has made their first-ever comeback!

On September 8, PURPLE KISS held a showcase for their second mini album “HIDE & SEEK,” released only six months after their debut album “INTO VIOLET.”

Immediately after their debut, the group garnered lots of love for their incredible vocals, dancing, and songwriting talent, earning them the nickname “balance-dol” to describe their well-balanced abilities. “INTO VIOLET” ranked on iTunes album charts in eight countries around the world, as well as 17 different top album charts on Apple Music. With a first-week sales record of 12,400 albums, PURPLE KISS also recorded the highest first-week album sales among rookie girl groups who debuted starting from 2020 up until March 2021.

Ireh commented, “I don’t know if it’s because it’s our first comeback, but I’m more nervous than I was for our debut, and I’m also really looking forward to it.” Swan added, “If we introduced ourselves as goddesses for our last album, then we have the theme of ‘zombies’ for this album. During our last promotions, I realized how important both the unity of our team and our individuality are. I think we’ll be able to put on a high-energy performance with positive vibes.”

Describing their title track “Zombie,” Na Go Eun remarked, “I think there will be a lot of fun in watching and hearing the addictive hook combined with the humor.” Ireh continued, “The ‘Zombie’ music video is a new take on the zombie genre that mixes a horror vibe with PURPLE KISS’s quirky charms. I think it’ll also be fun to look for the hidden history [in the video].”

Yuki, a Japanese member who participated in writing lyrics, shared, “It was hard to write lyrics in a foreign language. I paid attention to carefully conveying the message I wanted to convey while making sure it was memorable and not hard to understand.”

In addition to “Zombie,” the new mini album features five B-sides. Na Go Eun commented, “‘2am’ is a super-cute serenade song, and all the members participated in writing the lyrics.” Dosie shared that she, Na Go Eun, and Chaein also participated in the songwriting, adding, “We had fun working on it while thinking that we should try to express our feelings for PLORY [PURPLE KISS’s official fan club] like a fan song.” Ireh also revealed, “‘Cast pearls before swine’ is a song for which we personally came up with the choreography when we were trainees.”

For their future goals, Yuki shared, “I’d like to promote with the goal of receiving a Best New Artist award. Since this song is addictive and exciting, we hope to rank on both Korean and international music charts and persistently stay alive there for a long time, like zombies.”

Na Go Eun continued, “We want to become ‘theme-dols’ who showcase a variety of music, performances, and charms. We will show you a limitless performance as teenage zombies.” Chaein chimed in, “I want to make music that is unique to us.” Swan added, “We will become artists that you look forward to with every release.”

Finally, the group shared, “PURPLE KISS is a developing group with skill that lacks in no aspects. In this comeback battle, we will definitively bring our presence to light.”

Watch PURPLE KISS’s music video for “Zombie” here!

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