Gong Myung Reveals He Signed With His Current Agency Because Of Honey Lee

Gong Myung showed love for his “Extreme Job” co-star Honey Lee on “The Manager”!

On the September 18 episode of the MBC reality show, Gong Myung hung out with actress Jung Ho Yeon at her father’s restaurant. The actor revealed, “My mom and dad really love the food here. The two of them come here to eat even when I’m not with them.”

Jung Ho Yeon went on to share, “The two of us became friends because of Honey [Lee].” Describing their close friendship with Honey Lee, Gong Myung explained with a laugh, “We’re both Honey noona‘s children.”

“I ended up joining our agency because of Honey Lee,” he continued. “And since we’re the same age, [Jung Ho Yeon] and I naturally became friends.”

Gong Myung then called Honey Lee, who immediately returned his call despite being in the middle of filming her new drama “One the Woman.”

As soon as he picked up, Honey Lee excitedly exclaimed, “Gong Myung! Jung Ho Yeon!” Gong Myung praised her by asking, “Why are you so pretty today?” The actress jokingly replied, “You know why that is? Have I ever worn makeup while meeting up with you guys?”

She went on to affectionately remark, “My two favorite rising stars are together in one place! You’re both so pretty.”

Referring to Gong Myung’s new drama “Lovers of the Red Sky” and Jung Ho Yeon’s new series “Squid Game,” which had not yet premiered at the time of filming, Honey Lee added, “I’m really looking forward to both of your upcoming dramas. I wish they’d be released soon.”

The two younger actors returned the love by yelling, “Let’s go, ‘One the Woman’!” Embarrassed, Honey Lee laughed, “I didn’t say that because I wanted you to respond like this.”

Back in the studio, Gong Myung told the MCs about how Honey Lee had gifted her “Extreme Job” co-stars with engraved friendship rings.

“After we wrapped up our movie ‘Extreme Job,'” he recalled, “because the five of us got along so well, Honey noona gave us all matching friendship rings at the end.”

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