Jo Jung Suk Talks About Wrapping Up

Jo Jung Suk shared some stories and thoughts on tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2”!

The actor played the hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery professor Lee Ik Jun in “Hospital Playlist 2,” which came to a close on September 16. He filled the screen with his refreshing energy and left a lasting impression on viewers.


He proved his abilities a a versatile an actor in the first season, and he didn’t disappoint in the second season either. He brought on laughter as he smoothly portrayed the comical scenes, and he touched viewers’ hearts as a doctor who gave it his all and shared heartfelt, useful advice to his patients. He also built a steady romance with Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) that eventually reached a happy ending. As the vocalist of the drama’s band, Jo Jung Suk added more liveliness to their songs with his gaze, hand gestures, and facial expressions. Through his portrayal of Lee Ik Jun, Jo Jung Suk added another legendary project to his solid filmography.

Jo Jung Suk answered a few questions about the drama and his character in an interview following the drama’s end.

Since the chemistry between the ’99s friends was a hot topic throughout the drama’s run, the interviewer was curious about the actual atmosphere between the actors on set. Jo Jung Suk answered, “I spent a lot of time with the ’99s friends because we not only filmed the drama together, but we also practiced for the band together. We’ve grown so accustomed to being together that I think it’ll feel strange that we’re not able to meet often anymore. Ik Jun and Song Hwa’s mutual romance was something that developed naturally within the friendship of the ’99s, so that’s probably why the viewers were able to tenderly relate with it. As shown in the making-of videos, the atmosphere on set was comfortable and jovial as if I was with long-time friends. I’m so thankful that I was able to act with such amazing actors in a pleasant environment, and our connection seems to feel more precious with time.”

The second season introduced many touching stories about the doctors and patients. Asked if any scene or line was especially memorable, he said, “All of the stories were great, but I especially really liked the overall story in episode 4. The actors who played Min Chan’s and Eun Ji’s mothers showcased such outstanding acting that it lasted in my mind for a long time. I’m realizing once again that our drama was able to convey a better story and message thanks to the many actors who created the scenes together.”

Following his hit OST “Aloha” from the first season, his new song “I Like You” is maintaining a solid position on music charts. As another song that left a lasting impression on him, he chose the band’s “Let’s Forget It” from episode 4. He explained, “I liked that Jung Kyung Ho‘s voice blended in well with the drama’s overall content. The only pop song ‘It’s My Life’ is also memorable. The song was chosen for Ik Jun’s birthday, and everything, from the out fit to the song’s vibe, was the biggest challenge out of all of the songs I sang for ‘Hospital Playlist.'”

In response to a question asking how he’ll remember “Hospital Playlist,” the actor said, “I think the production will remain as a comfortable memory that will suddenly come to my mind.” He shared that he was proud to hear that many viewers had gained more medical knowledge through the drama and that the number of people who wanted to be organ donors had grown because of it.

He added, “As an actor, I felt that the people around me as I live on are a huge source of comfort, and it’s more meaningful that I could share that with those who watched the drama. My ’99s friends that I enjoyed spending time with, the many actors, the director, writer, and staff, all of them will remain in my heart for a long time. This being my first long-term drama with seasons, I think it will be an even more special memory.”

Lastly, Jo Jung Suk shared a few final words for the viewers who tuned into “Hospital Playlist 2” and supported his character Lee Ik Jun. “I’d like to sincerely thank the viewers who cherished and loved ‘Hospital Playlist’ until now. Thanks to your love and support for not only the drama, but also Mido and Falasol’s songs and performances, I was able to gather my energy and wrap up the drama well. I once again thank the Sand Grains (nickname for Mido and Falasol’s fans) for providing me with energy, and I will see you again through my next project ‘Nation of Happiness‘ (working title).”

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