Watch: Park Gyu Young And Kim Min Jae Get Silly While Playfully Bantering On Set Of

KBS 2TV released a new behind-the-scenes look at “Dali and Cocky Prince”!

“Dali and Cocky Prince” stars Kim Min Jae as Jin Mu Hak, a man who lacks schooling and book smarts but is extremely resourceful and talented at making a living, and Park Gyu Young as Kim Dal Li, a woman who is intellectually polished and comes from an elite background but doesn’t know how to take care of herself.

The new making-of video takes a look at Hong Suk Chun’s special appearance on the show. He shares, “I’m really grateful for having been called to cameo in a project I’m looking forward to. Although it was brief, I had a very enjoyable time filming. Please look forward to ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’ a lot, and please call me again.”

In the airport scene with Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, Kim Min Jae explains, “This is the scene in which I fall in love at first sight,” causing Park Gyu Young to forcibly laugh out loud. When asked about their first impressions of each other, Park Gyu Young says, “I have to get this confirmed first,” and she whispers in Kim Min Jae’s ears. Laughing and shaking his hands, he comments, “Talk about this later separately.”

While monitoring their performance afterwards, Kim Min Jae states, “I’m going to be the most enamored in this world.” Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young get silly as they help the making-of video move on to the next clip by doing small dance moves. Kim Min Jae dabs but comments, “Oh, this is a past trend,” and he quickly moves on to newer trends with the woah dance. Park Gyu Young shares, “He’s good at dancing.”

After filming the scene of Kim Min Jae spitting out his cherry, Kim Min Jae asks, “Did I try too hard to spit it out? I tried too hard to spit it out.” Kim MIn Jae and and Park Gyu Young can’t stop laughing as they monitor his performance afterwards. Park Gyu Young is also surprised to hear Kim Min Jae’s English, and she whispers to the camera, “Mu Hak is very good at English.” Kim Min Jae denies it, but an English-speaking actor compliments the two of them on their English.

In the kitchen, Kim Min Jae pretends to cook by making weird sound effects despite not having a single ingredient. When he actually uses eggs, Kim Min Jae bursts out laughing because of all the egg shells that went in. The actor shares that he’s most confident in cooking sirloin steak. He adds, “It’s garnished with Naver recipes.”

Kim Min Jae points out the making-of camera, and Park Gyu Young compliments, “You’re very good at this no matter where the making-of camera is.” Kim Min Jae jokingly remarks, “You can say it’s another piece of work.” Park Gyu Young waves at the camera, but Kim Min Jae makes a disapproving expression and tells her that’s now how she’s supposed to film the making-of video. Sensing Park Gyu Young’s annoyance, Kim Min Jae quickly tells her, “It’s good.”

When the camerawoman tells Kim Min Jae it’s hard to tell him apart from the flowers behind him, Kim Min Jae gets embarrassed by the compliment. Asked what song would suit the scene in which he parts ways with Kim Dal Li, Kim Min Jae picks “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

If you haven’t already, catch the premiere of “Dali and Cocky Prince” here:

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