“Move To Heaven” And “Sweet Home” Take Home Awards At 2021 Asia Contents Awards

The 2021 Asia Contents Awards has announced its winners!

On October 7, the third annual Asia Contents Awards took place, which honors dramas from Asian countries. Netflix’s “Move to Heaven,” which stars Lee Je Hoon and Tang Joon Sang, won three awards, including Best Creative, Best Writer, and Actor of the Year. Netflix’s “Sweet Home” won three awards as well, including Song Kang for the ACA Excellence Award and Go Min Si for Best Newcomer (Female).

For Actor of the Year, Lee Je Hoon said, “It was a great happiness just for me to be able to meet people in the role of Jo Sang Goo in ‘Move to Heaven,’ but now that I have the honor of receiving Actor of the Year, I am sincerely grateful. The director, writer, producers, actors, and crew members worked really hard in order to make this production happen. Finally, I want to thank the viewers as well.”

Yoon Ji Ryun, who wrote “Move to Heaven” and won Best Writer, said, “I was lost and couldn’t figure out why I should keep writing. When I had to write something, I thought that I wanted to share sincere grief for those who left this world while lonely and were not able to receive true comfort in their lives. I am grateful to Netflix, CEO Kim Min Young, the production staff, director, and actors for giving me this opportunity when I was about to give up. I am grateful for the people who told me that they wanted to live more fully and become better people after watching the drama.”

Song Kang said in a video message, “Thank you so much. 2021 was a very meaningful year for me. I am grateful to the directors, staff members, and cast members who helped me get to where I am today. Everyone, have a good year.”

After “Move to Heaven” won Best Creative, Tang Joon Sang said, “Even though I didn’t receive the Best Newcomer Award, I am honored and happy that a project that I appeared in has won such a big award. Thank you to the director, writer, CEO, staff members, and cast members. Thank you to the Netflix representatives and all the viewers who showed their love for ‘Move to Heaven.'”

Check out the full list of winners below!

Best Creative: “Move to Heaven” (Korea)

Best Asian TV Series: “Girl from Nowhere Season 2” (Thailand)

Best OTT Original: “The Long Night” (China)

Best Asian Animation: “Heaven’s Design Team” (Japan)

Best Short-Form/Web Drama: “Sheker” (Kazakhstan)

Technical Achievement Award: “Sweet Home” (Korea)

Actress of the Year: Song Jia (“A Love for Dilemma” – China)

Actor of the Year: Lee Je Hoon (“Move to Heaven” – Korea)

Best Writer: Yoon Ji Ryun (“Move to Heaven” – Korea)

Best Newcomer (Female): Go Min Si (“Sweet Home” – Korea), Koe Yeet (“Titoudao” – Singapore)

Best Newcomer (Male): Morisaki Win (“The Real Thing” – Japan)

ACA Excellence Award (Popularity Award): Song Kang (“Sweet Home,” “Navillera” – Korea)

Judges’ Special Award: “Hanzawa Naoki” (Japan)

Creative Beyond Borders Award: “Bad Genius: The Series” (Thailand)

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