Kim Seon Ho's Ex Announces Legal Action Against Death Threats And Personal Attacks + Posts Addition To Her Statement

Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend has announced that she will be taking legal action against death threats and personal attacks, and she has also stated that she has received an apology from the actor.

Earlier this week, a woman posted anonymously to an online community accusing an unnamed actor she had once dated of forcing her to have an abortion under false pretenses, such as lies about penalty fees he would have to pay and false promises of marriage, then treating her badly once she had gotten the abortion. She also alleged that he had badmouthed his co-workers and treated not only her, but others around him, poorly. The woman claimed that after he broke up with her by phone call, she waited to receive an apology from him for months, but decided to write the post when he never ended up apologizing to her.

On October 20, Kim Seon Ho confirmed that he was the actor mentioned in the anonymous post and released an official apology through his agency. Soon afterwards, he was announced to be leaving his variety show “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” as well as two of his upcoming films.

That same day, the identity of the ex-girlfriend who wrote the anonymous post began spreading online, and her attorneys released an official announcement announcing that she would taking legal action against death threats and invasions of her privacy.

Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend also announced that she had since received an apology from the actor, which she had chosen to accept.

Her attorneys’ full statement is as follows:

We are attorneys Lee Dong Hoon and Jung Da Eun of the law firm Best Way, who are representing Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend “A.”

At the moment, personal information about “A” is being recklessly released through certain media outlets, social media, and online communities; and she is facing endless attacks and even death threats based on falsehoods about her identity and personal life.

As a result, “A” is currently suffering from severe psychological stress, to the point where it is difficult for her to even go about her everyday life.

In order to prevent “A,” who is not a celebrity, from suffering additional damage, we respectfully request that you refrain from over-the-top speculation and defamation of character, and we also ask that [reporters] refrain from investigating “A” as an individual or requesting interviews.

Our law firm will do our utmost to protect “A,” and we are informing you of our plans to take all possible legal measures in response to malicious reports, posts, or comments related to “A.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend’s new addition to her statement is as follows:

I’m sorry for having unintentionally hurt many people with my post.

There was a time when that person and I were both genuinely in love, so I feel bad seeing him collapse in an instant due to what I wrote, part of which was very strong.

I have received an apology from that person, and I think there were some parts that were a misunderstanding.

I don’t want things that are different from the truth to be spread, and I don’t want our story to be exaggerated anymore.

My heart is heavy because I feel that I have caused a lot of damage to many people through this incident.

I will take down this post soon.

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