Watch: 2PM's Taecyeon Struggles With His Ragtag Crew Including Kim Hye Yoon In

tvN has released new teasers of their upcoming historical drama, “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”!

“Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” is a historical comedy drama starring 2PM’s Taecyeon as Ra Yi Eon, a young gourmand who is appointed a secret royal inspector (a government official who travels undercover to local provinces to inspect them) against his will. Kim Hye Yoon co-stars as Kim Jo Yi, a divorced woman searching for happiness, who winds up joining forces with Ra Yi Eon to uncover corruption.

The secret royal inspector’s team also includes Yook Chil (Min Jin Woong) and Goo Pal (Park Gang Sub), Ra Yi Eon’s servants, and Bo Ri (Chae Won Bin) and Kwang Soon (Lee Sang Hee), Kim Jo Yi’s friends.

In one teaser, Ra Yi Eon shows his elegance and refined palate as he drinks water from a river and says, “Water from a mountain stream is quite refreshing.” He then looks upstream to where Kim Jo Yi is washing socks and Yook Chil and Goo Pal are washing their feet and rinsing their mouths. When they realize Ra Yi Eon’s eye is on them, they run away as he chases them.

In another teaser, Ra Yi Eon and his ragtag crew are walking along the street and minding their own business when a mysterious figure calls out to them from an alley. Instead of being scared, the crew looks irritated and annoyed upon recognizing this person. But when he draws a sword, they panic and run away.

Check out the new teasers below!

“Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” premieres on November 8 and will be available on Viki.

Watch a trailer here:

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