Dispatch Reveals Details About Kim Seon Ho And His Ex-Girlfriend’s Relationship

Dispatch released a detailed report on Kim Seon Ho’s past relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Kim Seon Ho was recently involved in a controversy after his ex-girlfriend uploaded an anonymous post stating that her actor ex-boyfriend had manipulated her into getting an abortion under false pretenses, treated her badly once she had gotten the abortion, badmouthed his co-workers, and more. While he was initially not mentioned by his name in the post, Kim Seon Ho admitted that he was the actor mentioned in the post and released an official apology.

On October 26, Dispatch published an article regarding the relationship between Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend, whom Dispatch identified as the former weather caster and current influencer Choi Young Ah.

Dispatch reported that Choi Young Ah first met Kim Seon Ho during a gathering with acquaintances at the end of 2019. In early March 2020, they began to date, and in mid-March, she revealed to him that she had gotten married and divorced in the past.

In a message to a friend after that, Kim Seon Ho wrote, “I want to continue the relationship. I’m seeing her because I like her as a person. Of course my parents will be concerned. But it doesn’t make a difference that she’s been married and got divorced.”

Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah went on dates to other areas of South Korea like Busan and Gapyeong as well as zoos, amusement parks, and the suburbs. Dispatch pointed out that this was contradictory to Choi Young Ah’s claims in her post that they “had to date secretly and couldn’t even hold hands outside.” Dispatch also revealed a photo of Choi Young Ah and Kim Seon Ho at a pet café in Pocheon with their dog Ho Ah in October 2020.

Dispatch disclosed a long message of apology sent by Choi Young Ah to Kim Seon Ho on July 8, 2020, which Dispatch said was provided by Kim Seon Ho’s friend A.

Seon Ho, I’m sorry for doing this when you must have started filming.
I rationalized and deluded myself of my lies by saying that I loved you and was doing it all for you..
I know all of my shortcomings..
When I turned a blind eye to things because I only wanted to be happy, how painful and miserable that must have made you feel..
It hurts so, so much, but it’s my mistake, so I want to remind myself of it and deal with it..

You probably won’t listen to or want to listen to anything I say right now.
But we had a special relationship.. So I want to at least apologize about the aspects that hurt you and tell you my sincere thoughts.

Since last night until now, I was at home thinking about my wrong behavior and the emotions you must have felt.
I contemplated…what I could do.. And what I can do is to transparently share what I was having a difficult time with.
It’s not hard if I make up my mind to do it, but I’ve only just realized it now..
You said it to me indirectly, and it’s a pity I didn’t understand at the time.

It’s not because I thought my mistake was trivial..To me, you’re not just someone I love..
You’re someone I treasure, and I wanted to cherish you, but I was thinking in the wrong way.

I want to ask you for the opportunity you were going to give me yesterday so that I can rectify my mistakes.
I know that this one issue is much bigger than the many reasons that make us click and that you’re disappointed.

It wasn’t out of habit. I was scared of being uncomfortable, and because we fought often these days, I got scared in advance and made the wrong choice like a fool.. It’s not a shameless attitude I had, I just rationalized my thoughts because I wanted us to stay happy. I really regret thinking that I was doing it for our sake.

Honestly, you would say it’s all okay, but I thought you would still feel uneasy, and I wanted to be the one to give you a sense of stability. If the situation was reversed, I would have probably gone crazy, but I know you knew and tried to understand and set me on the right path. Yesterday, at that moment, I thought that I should confess everything and start anew. You must have been not only offended, but in disbelief..

It was selfish of me, but spending time with you and thinking of our future together made me so happy and excited. At the same time, uneasy.
Since you were doing so well with your dramas, variety shows, films, etc., I wanted to be a better woman who is suitable to be by your side.
I thought our lives would turn out the way I dreamed and continue for a long time if I did that..

So recently, I felt a sense of urgency, so I hastily dealt with the contract and YouTube and all of that..
None of it was for money or success. It was all because I wanted to be by your side..

You must feel angry and betrayed.. But it really wasn’t on purpose, and it’s because I really thoughtlessly just wanted to be happy. Can you give me a chance just this once..? I’ll try to build your trust again..
You probably don’t feel encouraged to. It’s the same mistake so you probably don’t want to give me a chance and have grown sick and disappointed by me, but I want you to trust me once.. Since the pain and your trust depend on my actions.

You’re the only one for me Seon Ho.
But if you must leave me, I’m prepared to accept that as well. Because I love you..
I’m thinking that far, but I want you to reconsider it…Not too negatively, just once more..in a good way..
I won’t ever rationalize my mistakes or hide anything from you in any way.

Kim Seon Ho talked about this issue with his friend A. These are the messages regarding this matter.

Kim Seon Ho: We broke up. I really can’t believe this.
A: In the morning?
Kim Seon Ho: She was caught lying in the middle of the night yesterday. I told her [last time] that I would let it go just once. But she was caught lying, pretending that she didn’t go somewhere with a guy when she did.
Kim Seon Ho: But the problem is when I mentioned it to her, she thought I was talking about something else and told me when she met another guy.
A: She met lots of other guys
Kim Seon Ho: She met them for work but said she didn’t want to tell me all of it.
Kim Seon Ho: I said it’s okay if she even goes to the club and that I won’t be jealous if she goes somewhere with guys. I just told her to tell me honestly and text me when she gets home, but she broke this [promise again].
A: That’s all we ever ask for
Kim Seon Ho: One time, filming ended earlier. I asked her what she’s doing, and she said she’s sleeping. So I went to her home with a gift, but she wasn’t home. Her car wasn’t even there. After that, she promised not to lie. I’m so angry.
A: You should date someone different instead of someone who troubles you.

Their conversation continued the next day:

Kim Seon Ho: (sends long message sent by Choi Young Ah)
A: How do you feel?
Kim Seon Ho: I really like her also..but the result is obvious
Kim Seon Ho: I think she’s going to lie again
A: There is a greater chance of that happening
A: Do you see a future with her?
Kim Seon Ho: I don’t see it yet
Kim Seon Ho: She wrote the message in such a heartbreaking way sigh
A: What’s upsetting is that everyone else seems to do it well but dating, love, and even marriage are.. difficult.
A: From my point of view, I think [her actions] will be continuously repetitive
Kim Seon Ho: My head hurts…I don’t think she’ll fix this
A: This is not a drama like “The World of the Married” or “Love and War”..
Kim Seon Ho: I can see it when looking at it from an outside perspective, but from inside, it feels like I’m in water
Kim Seon Ho: It’s frustrating, like I can almost see it but can’t.
A: You know but are still falling for it.

Kim Seon Ho also received advice from B, a theatre actor who is close friends with both Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah. B said to Kim Seon Ho, “She says she won’t do it again. You should accept it if she’s apologizing like that.” Kim Seon Ho then decided to forgive her.

On July 24, Choi Young Ah found out that she was pregnant. She called Kim Seon Ho while crying and also sent him a text.

According to B, Kim Seon Ho said to her, “It’s a blessing, so don’t cry.”

B explained, “At first, he congratulated her saying it’s a good thing. I think he was honestly scared though. He really thought a lot about it. Unfortunately, the two agreed to let [the baby] go. And he carefully requested something from me.”

On July 27, B waited in the parking lot, where the two came down later than scheduled. Their conversation got longer because Choi Young Ah suddenly changed her mind.

B shared, “Both had completely swollen eyes when they came down. This kind of decision must not have been easy to make. While I went to the hospital with her, he went to buy ingredients for seaweed soup. He is someone who can’t cook at all…”

Kim Seon Ho cooked her seaweed soup for two weeks. On “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” he mentioned, “I know how to cook seaweed soup because I cooked it recently.”

Choi Young Ah wrote in her original post, “Kim Seon Ho’s attitude changed completely after the abortion.” She said that he “made a believable promise about marriage and introducing [her] to his parents by acting and lying.”

According to Choi Young Ah’s friend C, she met Kim Seon Ho’s parents after the abortion, ate with them, and even slept at their place.

C revealed, “Young Ah stayed close to Seon Ho’s parents afterwards. Seon Ho worked to build trust with her. He also adopted a Shiba Inu named Ho Ah for her so she wouldn’t be lonely when alone.”

In her original post, Choi Young Ah also wrote, “Because he lived his youth in poverty, he has a great obsession with money. He only sent me 2 million won (approximately $1,717) for the surgery and hospital fees.”

Choi Young Ah’s acquaintance D said about this, “Her indulgent spending was difficult for Kim Seon Ho. For Christmas, she got a 7 million won designer bag (approximately $6,008). She purchased it with her personal card and received a money transfer from Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] know about it because she boasted about it.”

D added, “I have never seen Choi Young Ah pay. Usually Kim Seon Ho paid. She says Kim Seon Ho likes designer brands? Acquaintances all know who is the person who truly obsesses over designer brands.”

Choi Young Ah’s friends C and D took Kim Seon Ho’s side, saying, “The truth has been distorted.”

Here are additional quotes from C and D:

“Choi Young Ah also deliberated a lot about the abortion issue. It is a matter worth deliberating a lot about.”
“He must have been sick of the lies. It’s ironic that she is blaming Kim Seon Ho.”
“She is extremely obsessive. She opened his phone to check his texts and DMs.”
“She hoped that Kim Seon Ho would return after his downfall. It really happened.”

On January 11, 2021, Dispatch received an anonymous email from Choi Young Ah’s neighbor. The tip explained the situation between Choi Young Ah and her ex-husband and also said that someone who appears to be Kim Seon Ho was spotted very frequently at the apartment.

Around that time, Choi Young Ah told people around her that people related to her ex-husband were threatening her.

Kim Seon Ho’s acquaintance E explained, “Kim Seon Ho opened up that he was having a hard time because of the situation surrounding Choi Young Ah. She was getting threatened, there were gangs after her, her ex-husband’s wives were bothering her, she was undergoing a lawsuit, etc…They were unbearable situations.”

E also shared that Choi Young Ah secretly filmed Kim Seon Ho. “Once, Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah checked each other’s KakaoTalk messages. At that time, he found out about the many videos and audio recordings of him that were saved in Choi Young Ah’s computer. Thinking about it from his perspective, isn’t that scary?”

From what Dispatch was told, Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah met until April 2021 and officially ended their relationship in May.

Dispatch stated that they had met with many people and listened to their stories, with some of Choi Young Ah’s acquaintances reaching out to Dispatch first. According to them, Kim Seon Ho had not broken up with her because he suddenly rose to fame, and instead pointed out Choi Young Ah’s actions.

Dispatch’s report ended with a statement from B. He said, “Seon Ho hyung said this to me. Since it was true that he let go of his child… Since he once loved her, he tried to understand. And that he didn’t want to fight about his private life in front of the whole nation. So he said that instead of taking action, he apologized. Seon Ho hyung is that kind of person. He was in a normal relationship just like anyone else. He never tried to hide Young Ah noona. I’m a witness.”

In response to the report, a source from Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment stated, “We have nothing to say. We apologize.”

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