Watch: Kang Tae Oh And Shin Ye Eun's New KBS Drama Special Shares Look At Script Reading

KBS has shared a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming drama special!

The KBS Drama Special is an annual collection of short-form dramas that are one or two episodes each. The 2021 KBS Drama Special kicked off on October 22 with Park Sung Hoon and Jun So Min’s sci-fi thriller “Hee Soo.”

Kang Tae Oh and Shin Ye Eun are starring in one of these short-form dramas, titled “The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Breakup” (literal translation). It is described as a realistic romance between a woman who wants to be loved and a man who doesn’t know how to express love. Other cast members include Hong Kyung and Ha Yoon Kyung.

In the script reading video, Kang Tae Oh and Shin Ye Eun introduced their characters as Cha Min Jae and Oh Jin respectively. Oh Jin is a school nurse at a middle school and has been dating Min Jae for a long time. In the drama, she starts to reflect on their relationship, who she is as a person, and what is the meaning of love. Min Jae is a man who is successful at work but is still awkward when it comes to love. When his girlfriend suddenly announces she’s breaking up with him, he starts to grow as a person.

Hong Kyung plays Goo Won Bin, the physical education teacher at the middle school where Oh Jin teaches. He is sweet and warmhearted and has a one-sided crush on Oh Jin. Ha Yoon Kyung plays Jung Yoon Jung, Oh Jin’s best friend who is a friend of Min Jae’s as well. She gets caught in the middle of the couple’s breakup, but is a supportive friend who helps both find their way.

Shin Ye Eun said, “When I first read the script, I was intrigued. How could a finger flick have an effect on a breakup? I was curious and interested to know what happened next.” Kang Tae Oh said, “The emotions are very realistic. It is a love story that everyone can relate to.” Hong Kyung said, “The emotions and story were well portrayed in the script, so I had fun reading it.” Ha Yoon Kyung said, “The characters are all unique and I thought it would be fun to work with them.”

The drama special airs on November 19. Check out the video below!

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