HA:TFELT Opens Up About Her Dating Experiences And Her Father’s Fraud

HA:TFELT recently talked about her personal life on the November 1 broadcast of SBS Plus’s “The Love Master 2.”

During the show, HA:TFELT remarked, “I came to appear on ‘The Love Master 2’ due to Shindong. When I get my fortune told, it always said that I would get married after I’m past 40 years old. While talking with Shindong, I wondered if I could get married.”

The artist honestly revealed, “I’ve only dated celebrities until now. I’ve experienced around 10 relationships.” She continued, “I really hate when my boyfriend lies. There’s a three strikes out system, so I try my best to give three chances to everyone.” She added, “Whenever I’m in a relationship, I consider marriage. I’m the type to think that far.” Hong Hyun Hee commented, “You seem like the type to date maturely and sincerely.”

Regarding her feelings about the truth, HA:TFELT commented, “I also try to convey my honest feelings in the lyrics I write.” She brought up her song “Truth,” and shared, “There was a guy who lied every time he opened his mouth. I was sitting in the passenger seat, and there was a piece of paper. It was a parking pass to an apartment. It wasn’t my house, nor his house, but the time he went in was 5 a.m. He couldn’t come up with an excuse. I gave it for him to see, and his face became pale.”

HA:TFELT elaborated on her thoughts on marriage. She explained, “My feelings on that really go back and forth. If I could become happier, I want to get married, but if I become unhappy because I get married, I don’t want to do it. My mom also got divorced and remarried and lives happily, but I know all about how difficult it is after a divorce, so I don’t want to get a divorce. If I get married, I want to do it when there isn’t even a 0.1 percent chance of divorce, but things don’t happen the way people want them to.”

She revealed, “I had all my relationships with men in their 20s. When I was young, I thought I was meeting someone my age, but now that I’m 33 (by Korean reckoning), I feel like I keep aging while the men get younger. There are times when the men I meet are four to five years younger.” The fortune teller analyzed that she had men who wanted to rely on her because she’s so well put together.

HA:TFELT also opened up about her father being convicted for fraud around the time she was about to make a new beginning by leaving JYP Entertainment after 10 years. She explained, “My parents divorced when I was young, so I spent a long time without seeing my father. I really hated my father.” HA:TFELT continued, “There were a lot of events, but I started to contact and meet him around three to four years before he got convicted. There were a lot of reasons for that, but I got the thought that I couldn’t trust men and pushed them away because I didn’t have trust in my father, so I tried to fix my relationship with him.”

The artist explained, “I had been hurt by him, but I wanted to try to understand him as a person and as a father. It wasn’t often, but I contacted him. He also got on his knees and apologized to me. He said, ‘I’m so sorry for giving you such a big wound.’ I’m not sure if I could say he used me, but what I learned after that incident blew up is that he created several situations by using the fact that he’s my father. All my trust collapsed then.”

HA:TFELT remarked, “I think that’s why it became impossible for me to trust people, especially men. Around seven years ago, my mom got remarried, and her husband is a really good person. My mom is living while receiving all the love she couldn’t until then. I try to have an optimistic mind by thinking, ‘Won’t I be able to meet a nice man like him too?'”

Finally, HA:TFELT talked about receiving counseling through her company. The doctor had advised her to write a book, which she ended up writing and releasing last year. The fortune teller also told her, “Don’t get too dispirited, and I hope you find someone who loves you for who you are.”

“The Love Master 2” airs every Monday at 8:50 p.m. KST. Watch the show on Viki below!

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