Han So Hee's Agency Clarifies That She Knew About The Sex Scene In

Han So Hee’s agency released a statement clarifying the events that took place behind the scenes of “My Name.”

Previously on October 20, Han So Hee held a video call interview regarding the recent release of her hit Netflix series “My Name.” During the interview, the actress touched upon the bedroom scene with her co-star Ahn Bo Hyun. She had stated, “I heard about the scene while we were in the middle of filming,” which later became a hot topic online. During the interview, she had also explained, “At first, I wondered, ‘Will this be okay?’ I thought it might distract from the overall storyline and become a distraction for Ji Woo’s overall goals. But after discussing it with the writer and director, I interpreted it as a scene where Ji Woo could show a more humane side of herself.”

On November 2, Han So Hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment released a statement regarding the misunderstanding caused by Han So Hee’s comment about the scene in “My Name.” Below is the full statement:

Hello. This is 9ato Entertainment.

We want to correct the suspicions that a certain scene from the Netflix series “My Name” was “decided on set without prior consent.”

We’ve concluded that a previous interview from October 20 in which actress Han So Hee stated, “I heard about the scene while we were in the middle of filming,” could cause some misunderstandings depending on the listener’s perspective, so we want to reveal the decision process behind the scene in question to correct the facts.

The scene in question was first discussed in the pre-production stage, and we exchanged conversations about there being a possibility of filming a bedroom scene in order to express Ji Woo’s (Han So Hee’s) emotional change.

Afterwards, since the script wasn’t complete yet, it was discussed that the decision on whether to proceed with filming or not would depend on the character’s emotions while filming. Later, it was discussed that the scene could show Ji Woo’s humane side and explain Ji Woo’s emotional fluctuations in the events that followed, so it was ultimately carried out with consent from the actors and staff. Furthermore, the director and writer discussed and considered in length the ways of expressing the scene.

The phrase, “I heard about the scene while we were in the middle of filming,” meant that the final decision for the scene in question was made in the middle of filming after discussion and careful consideration, and Han So Hee later explained [in the interview] the director’s and writer’s concerns and intentions as well as information about her consent.

We inform you that all scenes were carried out after sufficient discussion between the director, writer, production team, and actors.

We wanted to directly address the suspicions because we know how much thought and hard work the production team and peer actors put into the project. In the future, we ask people to refraining from having false assumptions and misunderstandings about this matter. Thank you.

Having premiered on Netflix on October 15, “My Name” is about a woman named Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee), who joins an organized crime ring and, under their direction, infiltrates the police as an undercover agent to learn the truth behind her father’s death. Ahn Bo Hyun co-stars as Jeon Pil Do, her partner in the police force, and Park Hee Soon co-stars as Moo Jin, who takes Yoon Ji Woo under his gang and helps her go undercover in the police.

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