7 K-Pop Songs That Feel Like Autumn

Autumn has been among us for a while now, but it’s never too late to put together a playlist of songs that remind us of this breezy and colorful season. Plus, a diverse surge of emotions seems to tag along around this time of the year. Luckily, K-pop has a little bit of everything, including songs that embody autumn through their narrative.

This being said, here are seven K-pop songs that feel like autumn.

1. 10cm – “October Rain”

Although October has just left us, this track’s message is still valid. 10cm describes the changes that occur in weather and how each person expresses different emotions in response. Between wind and rain, this one is an excellent nod to the current season!

2. EXO-CBX – “Rhythm After Summer”

This flirty jam is perfect to welcome fall, as EXO states it so melodiously. Couples, old or new, can adopt “Rhythm After Summer” as their couple song, where they can use it to shower their partners with love and support as they bid the hot season goodbye.

3. AKMU – “Time and Fallen Leaves”

Sometimes, fall is that time of the year when people become nostalgic and walk down memory lane. Lee Suhyun and Lee Chanhyuk take us down that path in this sentimental ballad where they channel the season’s scenery into their pensive lyrics.

4. IU – “Autumn Morning”

Leave it to IU to walk you through this season throughout her lyrics with all the emotions that come with. The singer vividly describes the weather as well as what a typical day looks like from the morning routine all the way to the outdoor activities. This track is basically a walkthrough guide to Autumn!

5. Davichi – “Fall Night”

On a slightly melancholic note, Davichi’s take on autumn comes as a farewell to a past lover. The heavy lyrics bring a certain sense of peace to its listeners as they can find comfort relating to this breakup story and perhaps mend their hearts.

6. K.Will – “Hello Autumn”

It seems that autumn is heavily embedded in emotions. K.Will reminisces about his long lost love and yearns for the days they were madly in love. The lyrics that portray his wish to reconcile with his ex again can resonate with a lot of people who may be feeling the same way.

7. BTS – “Autumn/Dead Leaves”

This one goes to all the fallen love stories that did not survive autumn. BTS gets deep and raw in this heart-wrenching song about holding on to a love interest that is no longer in the picture.

Which K-pop song reminds you of autumn most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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