Watch: Shim Dal Gi Leads Two Vastly Different Lives At School And At Home In Upcoming Drama

Kakao TV’s upcoming drama “Shadow Beauty” released a new teaser!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Shadow Beauty” will tell the story of high school student Goo Ae Jin, who is a bullied loner at school (played by Shim Dal Gi). However, she leads a double life online as a social media star and influencer named “Genie” who is renowned for her flawless looks (played by fromis_9‘s Lee Nagyung).

The teaser previews the everyday life of Goo Ae Jin, who is bullied by her peers. Yang Ha Neul (Heo Jung Hee) strokes Goo Ae Jin’s hair while asking, “Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest of them all?” Goo Ae Jin answers that it’s Yang Ha Neul, who forcibly grabs her by the chin and pushes her while replying, “Even though my face is super bloated from eating ramyun before going to sleep last night?”

Goo Ae Jin narrates, “I’m a loser at school, but when I come home, I’m social media star Genie with 770,000 followers.” At home, Goo Ae Jin looks like a different person with extravagant makeup and clothing as she poses confidently for the camera.

Back at school, Lee Jin Sung (PENTAGON’s Hongseok) is Goo Ae Jin’s only friend. Lee Jin Sung comments, “You look like someone,” making Goo Ae Jin tense up. However, when Goo Ae Jin asks who she looks like, Lee Jin Sung cheerfully replies, “Ah, that’s right. A goblin!” leaving Goo Ae Jin at a loss for words.

In the final scenes, Goo Ae Jin looks at her phone in the dark while laughing maniacally, making viewers even more curious to learn about Goo Ae Jin’s mysterious double life.

The production team shared, “The mystery and suspense in the story of Goo Ae Jin, who lives a completely different life in reality and on social media, will make viewers’ palms sweat in suspense. In order to maximize the overwhelming sense of immersion that will make viewers unable to take their eyes off the show, episodes 1 and 2 will be broadcast together on November 20. Please show lots of interest and anticipation.”

Watch the full teaser below!

“Shadow Beauty” is set to premiere on November 20 and will be available on Viki.

In the meantime, watch Hongseok in his recent drama “Blue Birthday“:

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