Update: NCT Drops Mysterious And Atmospheric

Updated November 30 KST:

NCT has dropped a new NCT 2021 YearDream video, this time titled “Stage 4 – Resonance.”

Updated November 28 KST:

NCT has released another “NCT 2021 YearDream” video ahead of their upcoming comeback, this time entitled “Stage 2 – Surfing in our Dreams”!

Updated November 26 KST:

NCT has shared another video, this time titled “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 1 – Seeing Myself in a Dream,” for their upcoming comeback!

Updated November 24 KST:

NCT has released a new video entitled “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 3 – Synchronization of Dreams” ahead of their upcoming group comeback!

Updated November 22 KST:

NCT has released an intriguing new video entitled “NCT 2021 YearDream : Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream)” that harks back to NCT U’s debut track “The 7th Sense“!

Check out the new film starring Taeyong, Sungchan, and Shotaro below:

Updated November 21 KST:

NCT has unveiled a new set of group teasers for their upcoming comeback with “Universe”!

Updated November 20 KST:

NCT has shared teasers of Sungchan, Yuta, Johnny, Mark, and Ten from their upcoming album “Universe”!

Updated November 19 KST:

NCT has dropped the next batch of teasers from “Universe,” starring Hendery, Shotaro, Renjun, Haechan, and Jaehyun!

Updated November 18 KST:

NCT has released another batch of teasers for their upcoming album “Universe,” this time starring Jeno, Xiaojun, Chenle, Jungwoo, and Kun!

Updated November 17 KST:

NCT has released individual teaser photos of Taeyong, Jaemin, Jisung, YangYang, Taeil, and Doyoung for their upcoming full-group album “Universe”!

Updated November 16 KST:

NCT has dropped a teaser poster for their upcoming third album, “Universe,” with 21 members.

NCT as a full group currently has 23 members, but Lucas and Winwin are not listed as participating in the 2021 comeback.

Updated November 15 KST:

NCT has released a new teaser for their upcoming third full-group album “Universe”!

Original Article:

NCT is returning in 2021 for a full group comeback!

On November 13 at midnight KST, all the NCT and NCT sub-unit accounts dropped a teaser for their third studio album, titled “Universe.” NCT as a full group has previously released the studio albums “NCT 2018 Empathy” and “NCT 2020 Resonance.”

According to the teaser, which is styled like a blueprint or project plan, “Universe” will be released on December 14.

What are you hoping to see from NCT’s third album? Stay tuned for updates!

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