Watch: Audition Show “My Teen Girl” Kicks Off With Performances By Yuri, Jeon Soyeon, Aiki, And Ock Joo Hyun + Contestants Cover BLACKPINK, NCT, (G)I-DLE, And More

On November 28, MBC’s newest girl group audition program “My Teen Girl” aired its first episode!

“My Teen Girl” is a new audition show that evaluated 160 contestants over the course of three months before filming its premiere. Out of the 160 contestants, 83 were chosen to participate in the competition to place within the final top 7 and debut in a new girl group. Yoon Kyun Sang is the MC, and the students are divided into Grades 1-4 by age, with each class having its own homeroom teacher: either Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Aiki, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, or Ock Joo Hyun.

Ahead of the auditions, the four mentors of the program gave powerful intro performances, with Yuri performing to “The Boys” by Girls’ Generation, Soyeon to “Oh My God” by (G)I-DLE, Aiki to “End of Time” by Beyoncé, and Ock Joo Hyun to “NOW” by Fin.K.L.


The first mission was an entrance exam that only 10 students of each grade would pass, leaving a total of 40 contestants. To pass the first round of the mission and be judged by the mentors, the contestants had to receive votes from more than 75 percent of the audience. If they got a pass from 75 percent of the audience during their performance, the barrier between them and the mentors would lift, and they would receive a second round of judging from the mentors.

Up first was Kim Hyun Hee and Oh Ji Eun of Grade 3, who performed Chungha‘s “Bicycle.” Their powerful performance easily earned them more than 75 percent of the audience’s votes, and the students each got four votes from the judges, passing on to the next round.

12-year-old Grade 1 students Sung Min Chae and Yoon Seung Joo adorably began with a children’s song while wearing animal costumes before impressively transitioning into a performance of NCT 127‘s “Kick It.” This duo also received unanimous votes from the judges to pass the round.

The third performance was Grade 4 students Jang Yi Han, Myung Hyung Seo, Kim Ha Ri, Choi Su Min, and Wei performing (G)I-DLE’s “LATATA.” Myung Hyung Seo is known as a former member of girl group Busters, and Kim Ha Ri was formerly a part of FNC Entertainment’s girl group debut lineup before she left the company. After easily passing the first round of judging, only Myung Hyung Seo received 4 judges’ votes, while Kim Ha Ri and Choi Su Min received 3 each. Jang Yi Han and Wei did not pass the round, as they received 1 vote each.

Grade 2 students Park Hyo Won, Lee Seung Eun, Lee Ha Dam, Kim Ri Won, and Lee Young Chae performed KARA’s “Pretty Girl” and BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love.” After the doors opened towards the end of their performance, the students received favorable comments from the judges, and all of them passed except Lee Seung Eun.

Lee Ji Woo and Kim Yoon Seo of Grade 3 performed “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK and were able to pass the round with positive feedback from both the audience and the judges.

Grade 4 students Song Ye Rim and Kang Eun Woo impressed everyone by being the only team that personally conceived every aspect of their performance, even playing the piano. The two put on a charismatic performance of Bishop Briggs’ “River,” but were unfortunately unable to win enough votes from the audience to pass, meaning they were unable to be critiqued by the mentors.

The next group was Grade 2 students Kim Seo Jin and Kim Ye Seo, who performed “Nonstop” by Oh My Girl. Despite winning the audience’s votes, the pair was met with severe criticism from the judges and were eliminated after receiving 0 votes.

The final trio was Kim Yoo Yeon, Yoon Chae Won, and Jeon Yoo Eun of Grade 4. They performed Sunmi‘s “Gashina” and quickly received enough votes from the audience. However, Kim Yoo Yeon was eliminated after receiving one vote from the judges, leaving only Yoon Chae Won and Jeon Yoo Eun to move on.

“My Teen Girl” airs every Sunday at 8:20 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Check out a trailer for the show below!

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