Kim Sung Kyu Gives Kim Soo Hyun A Helping Hand In

Coupang Play has released new stills ahead of the upcoming episode of their original drama “One Ordinary Day”!

A remake of the BBC drama “Criminal Justice,” “One Ordinary Day” is about an ordinary college student who becomes a murder suspect overnight and the third-rate lawyer who is the only one to reach out to help him while never asking him the truth of what happened that night.


In episode 3, Do Ji Tae (Kim Sung Kyu) helped Kim Hyun Soo (Kim Soo Hyun) when Park Doo Shik (Yang Kyung Won) was threatening him with a sharpened toothbrush. When prosecutor Ahn Tae Hee (Kim Shin Rok) revealed Kim Hyun Soo’s personal information through a press conference, Do Ji Tae offered to help him. However, Kim Hyun Soo refused, saying that he wasn’t going to be in prison for long.

The new stills feature Do Ji Tae and Kim Hyun Soo in Do Ji Tae’s prison cell. Kim Hyun Soo is covered with wounds, and Do Ji Tae is taking care of him. Contrary to his gentle actions, Do Ji Tae’s eyes are sharp. Kim Hyun Soo’s pupils shake with uneasiness, and Do Ji Tae once again extends an offer to help him out. Questions are mounting over whether Kim Hyun Soo, who has become mentally exhausted due to his turbulent prison life, will take Do Ji Tae’s hand.

Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sung Hyu warmed the filming set with their thoughtfulness of each other. Kim Soo Hyun portrayed Kim Hyun Soo’s pain even when he wasn’t being filmed, and Kim Sung Kyu created a heavy atmosphere with his deep expression. Thanks to their professionalism, they were able to successfully immerse in their roles and produce a tense scene.

The production team praised the actors, saying, “Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sung Kyu, who showed off their extraordinary ability to depict their characters, put on three-dimensional performances that control viewers’ emotion. Through episode 4 that will air soon, please check whether Kim Hyun Soo will be able to get out of prison just like he hopes and how his relationship with Do Ji Tae will flow.”

Episode 4 of “One Ordinary Day” airs on December 5 at midnight KST.

In the meantime, check out Kim Soo Hyun in “The Producers“:

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