Choi Ye Na Personally Shuts Down Malicious Rumors Through Official Statement

Choi Ye Na personally addressed and denied rumors about her through an official statement.

Recently, private messages between celebrity “A,” who debuted as a singer, and CJ Group’s chairman Lee Jae Hyun’s younger brother Lee Jae Hwan, the chairman of Jaesan Holdings, were revealed. Some netizens speculated that Choi Ye Na could be the celebrity in question, and her agency Yuehua Entertainment denied the rumors by stating that they would take legal action against malicious rumors about their artists.

Below is Choi Ye Na’s personal statement:

Hello. This is Choi Ye Na.

I hesitated a lot about whether I should even bring up this topic to all the fans like this. However, after keeping watch of a series of events in which my name was mentioned in such a shocking case, I figured this won’t do for any longer, so I firmly made up my mind and decided to write a few words..

I think I first learned that I was mentioned in a malicious rumor that isn’t true in the slightest when I was looking at articles while just eating at home.

He’s a complete stranger to me, and I felt so speechless and flustered while keeping watch of the whole situation in which my full name came up in something I wasn’t involved in even slightly and as that [rumor] quickly spread as if it were the truth.

I’m just running towards my dream and working hard on my job, so I don’t know why I have to experience something so ridiculous.. I’m still so angry and upset that there seem to be many people who still believe that [this rumor is true].

It also hurts so much to think about how much the fans must have been just as surprised as I was. I’m not the subject of that rumor. It doesn’t even have the slightest relation to me. Please don’t worry.

I was really sad going through this experience, and it was very shocking mentally, but I plan on doing my best and shaking things off while thinking about all the fans. I’ll work to impress further as someone who can receive love with optimistic energy while staying strong, true to my nature.

Winter has come in full swing! I hope that everyone no longer suffers from this situation. You all know, right? Please always take care of your health first!

Choi Ye Na is currently gearing up to star in the upcoming web drama “The World of My 17Season 2 and the new season of the variety show “Idol Dictation Contest.”

Watch Choi Ye Na in “Bloody Game” below:

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