9 K-Pop MVs That Channel Rom-Com Vibes

In K-pop, just like any other music genre, love is the main topic of interest that often gets addressed in all its shapes and forms. Many love stories are drafted through the lyrics, and sometimes we get to see these narratives come to life in the form of music videos. The best part? When the cinematography is basically an abridged version of a rom-com movie.

Navigating through some memorable clips, here are nine K-pop music videos that channel rom-com vibes.

1. Sunmi – “You Can’t Sit With Us”

Sunmi excels at quirky love stories, and this one borrows heavily from classic coming-of-age movies. In this one, she is at war with her boyfriend who does everything in his power to earn her forgiveness and win her back. In order to succeed in his quest, he needs to ask the right question.

2. TWICE – “The Feels”

High school setting? Check. Girl squad? Check. Prom dance? Double check. This is basically the recipe for every teenage movie with a lovey dovey tale. TWICE sings about a boy who seemingly has given them the feels, and their cure cheerleading-inspired choreography is their weapon to summon him amidst the crowd.

3. Jeon Somi – “DUMB DUMB”

Girl wants boy, and she does everything in her power to get his attention. This music video adopts a common cute plot about Jeon Somi sending not-so-subtle hints at her crush in the hopes that she will finally get noticed. The title of the song tells us that she might need to literally put herself out there if she wants to turn her situation into more than a one-sided crush.

4. EXO’s D.O. – “Rose”

You know that scene in a movie where the male lead realizes he is in love with his crush and just roams around town, lost in his own thoughts? Yep, that’s D.O. in this bubbly MV, riding his bike and trying to come to terms with his feelings. The best part? The lyrics serve as his monologue as he thinks about the best way to confess.

5. Paul Kim and Chungha – “Loveship”

Enter Paul Kim and Chungha, the best duet for the best love tale. In this typical friends-turned-lovers narrative, fate keeps getting in the way of the pair, further delaying their reunion. Nonetheless, the two end up succumbing to their feelings and are pushed into each other’s arms, finally being together.

6. Jukjae and VIXX’s Hyuk – “Camellia”

We all love it when a couple grows old together, don’t we? This music video beautifully portrays it by going back and forth through time. The old man wakes up early and runs a cute errand outdoors while his wife is still asleep. In the meantime, he delves into his old photo books and revisits old memories. Some of these memories are still being celebrated to this very day as you’ll find out towards the end of the clip.

7. Lee Hi – “Savior” (Feat. B.I)

If Romeo and Juliet’s love story had a happy ending, this music video would represent it to the core. Lee Hi and B.I get together in this beautiful collab where she considers him her savior and sings of love without despair. The flashbacks as well as the present day both show the tight relationship the two have, where love is illustrated through actions, attention, and laughter.

8. CL – “+5 STAR+”

CL opens up her heart in this beautiful love song and grants the audience an equally mesmerizing collection of scenes. She captures the essence of a healthy relationship, where she walks her viewers through many ups and downs that only bring her and her love interest together and push them to work even harder on their romance.

9. WINNER – “Hold”

Leave it to WINNER to give you a solid rom-com movie! In this clip, the quartet is teasing Lee Suhyun as she mysteriously spends most of her time on the phone. Finally uncovering the mystery, the boys start meddling with her dating life, and things escalate both quickly and quirkily!

Which K-pop MV gives you rom-com vibes? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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