8 K-Pop Songs To Tune Your Holiday Playlist

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to ring in the season with a neat playlist to channel your holiday spirit. From original songs to classics and carol covers, there is a little bit of everything to fit everyone’s taste.

And the best part? Your favorite artists also join in on the fun by singing their own songs for the season. What are you waiting for? Tune your holiday playlist!

1. EXO – “What I Want For Christmas”

Anyone who is familiar with EXO knows that they are the masters of Christmas songs. This one is even more special because it is dedicated to their fandom, EXO-Ls. The members express their appreciation toward their fans, stating that they are exactly what they want every Christmas.

2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “This Christmas”

This season not only celebrates the holiday but also the birth of romance, as often portrayed in many Christmas movies. In this heartfelt ballad, Taeyeon tells a moving love tale that beautifully complements the snowy weather.

3. THE BOYZ – “Candles”

THE BOYZ embraces the holiday spirit in this special clip. Joining their serenading vocals, the members narrate a heartwarming love story about a couple meeting on Christmas after being away for such a long time.

4. Lovelyz – “Twinkle”

Staying true to their name, the ladies are ever so lovely in this cute Christmas melody. Through their lively lyrics, they spread the warmth and joy felt during the holidays, mirroring it to the sentiment of having a crush.

5. Stray Kids – “24 to 25”

This month, Stray Kids went all in with their holiday single album “Christmas EveL.” One of the tracks, “24 to 25,” is the perfect depiction of the feelings channeled during this period, and the group shares theirs with their fandom STAY.

6. Ailee and MAMAMOO’s Wheein – “Solo Christmas”

While Christmas is mostly a jolly time of the year, sometimes it can go the other way around. In this duet, Ailee and Wheein walk us through the hardship of celebrating the holidays solo while internally yearning for company.

7. BTS’s Jimin – “Christmas Love”

What’s not to love about this season? There is snow, good food, and especially good mood. Jimin seems to agree since he is literally singing about how much he loves Christmas and how he wishes for it to last forever.

8. PURPLE KISS – “My My”

Need a bop to jam to while you open your Christmas presents? PURPLE KISS has got you covered! This bubbly song is set to bring you immense joy while you check whether your gifts match your wish list. And if you ever happen to ask for a person instead, then you can dedicate this track to them if your wish is granted!

Which holiday-themed K-pop song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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