“Ghost Doctor” Previews Intriguing Ties Between Characters With Relationship Chart

tvN’s upcoming drama “Ghost Doctor” previewed the relationships between the characters!

Helmed by “Heirs” director Boo Sung Chul, “Ghost Doctor” is a new fantasy medical drama about two doctors who could not be more different in terms of their backgrounds, skills, or personalities but who end up combining bodies and spirits.

Rain will star as genius thoracic surgeon Cha Young Min, while Kim Bum will play silver-spoon resident Go Seung Tak. Apink’s Son Naeun will play emergency room intern Oh Soo Jung, who believes in supernatural phenomena and miracles despite studying medicine, and Uee will play neurosurgeon Jang Se Jin, who happens to be Cha Young Min’s ex-girlfriend.

In the relationship chart, Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak are depicted as complete opposites who are like two ends of a magnet. Cha Young Min has the magic touch, and he’s able to save anyone he treats, while Go Seung Tak has a great grasp on theory but is terrible when it comes to actual practice. They bicker every time they meet, but they start to share a body due to an unexpected incident and begin to experience a tumultuous life together.

Jang Se Jin reunites with her ex-boyfriend Cha Young Min for the first time in 12 years, and she is also confronting her older brother Jang Min Ho (Lee Tae Sung), drawing questions about their backstories. Having attended college with Go Seung Tak, Oh Soo Jung is the first to notice a change in him.

Furthermore, at the top of the hospital chain with great authority is Han Seung Won (Tae In Ho). The thoracic surgery department consists of chief Ban Tae Shik (Park Chul Min), Go Sang Ho (Ahn Tae Hyun), Lee Sun Ho (Kim Jae Yong), and Kim Jae Won (Ahn Tae Hwan). The four are deeply intertwined with Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak, making the hospital story even more interesting.

Among the hospital ghosts is Tes (Sung Dong Il), who guides the other coma ghosts including Jang Kwang Duk (Lee Moon Soo), Hwang Gook Chan (Han Seung Hyun), Choi Hoon Gil (Ciipher’s Tan), and Im Bo Mi (Yoon So Hee). Viewers are looking forward to seeing what relationship they’ll develop with Cha Young Min when he falls into a coma.

“Ghost Doctor” premieres on January 3 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama below!

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