Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Esom, And Goo Kyo Hwan Confirmed To Star In New Film About Killers

Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Esom, and Goo Kyo Hwan will be starring in the new action film “Gil Bok Soon” (literal title) together!

Netflix’s “Gil Bok Soon” will be about the hitman industry’s legendary killer Gil Bok Soon as she gets swept up in an inevitable confrontation in which she has no choice but to kill or be killed right before she’s scheduled to renew her contract with the company. The film will be helmed by director Byun Sung Hyun of “The Merciless,” which had a midnight screening at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

Since her debut project “The Contact,” Jeon Do Yeon has impressed in numerous projects including “Happy End,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “Secret Sunshine,” “The Shameless,” “Beasts Clawing at Straws,” and more. In the new film, Jeon Do Yeon will be playing the titular role of Gil Bok Soon who leads a double life as an A-list killer and a single mom. With clear judgement of the situation and an ability to make anything into a weapon, Gil Bok Soon is a skilled killer with a 100 percent success rate for the projects appointed to her by the company. Nevertheless, she still has difficulty raising her 15-year-old daughter, raising anticipation for both Jeon Do Yeon’s action scenes and emotional portrayal.

Sol Kyung Gu, who starred in director Byun Sung Hyun’s “The Merciless” and his upcoming film “King Maker,” will once again be teaming up with the director for “Gil Bok Soon.” Furthermore, this is also his third time working with Jeon Do Yeon since they acted together as a clumsy couple in “I Wish I Had a Wife” and a married couple who had to say a sudden farewell to their child in “Birthday.” The two actors’ reunion has already drawn great anticipation for their chemistry.

Sol Kyung Gu will be starring as CEO Cha Min Gyu of M.K ent, which is the hitman agency Gil Bok Soon is a member of. Cha Min Gyu is Gil Bok Soon’s mentor and boss who recognized her talent and raised her into a killer no one can oppose. Although he’s a figure she respects and trusts more than anyone else, he’s also a dangerous person who can take away everything GIl Bok Soon has. Viewers are left wondering what relationship will develop between the two in an industry with lives on the line.

Having starred in “Microhabitat,” “Inseparable Bros,” “Samjin Company English Class,” and “Taxi Driver,” Esom will be transforming into Cha Min Hee, who is Cha Min Gyu’s younger sister and a director of M.K. She’s unsatisfied with Cha Min Gyu’s lenient treatment of Gil Bok Soon compared to the other killers, and she’s a capable figure who is difficult to read.

Finally, Goo Kyo Hwan will play Han Hee Sung, who is also an A-list killer from M.K. However, for some reason, he has yet to be acknowledged by Cha Min Gyu for his skills. The actor previously won a rookie award for “Jane,” and he continued to impress with his acting in “Peninsula,” “Escape from Mogadishu,” “Kingdom: Ashin of the North,” and “D.P.”

“Gil Bok Soon” is produced by Seed Films, the company working on the upcoming projects “King Maker” and “Love and Leashes.”

While waiting, watch Jeon Do Yeon in “Beasts Clawing at Straws” below:

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