3 Key Moments That Influenced Rain And Kim Bum’s Relationship In “Ghost Doctor”

The relationship between Rain and Kim Bum in tvN’s “Ghost Doctor” is just getting started!

“Ghost Doctor” is a medical fantasy drama about a genius thoracic surgeon named Cha Young Min (Rain) and a silver-spoon resident Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum), who could not be more different in backgrounds, skills, and personalities but end up combining bodies and spirits.

Here are three ways that the relationship between the two characters has evolved thus far.


1. The beginning of Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak’s fated relationship

When Go Seung Tak appeared on the scene with a bright smile and laid eyes on the brilliant thoracic surgeon Cha Young Min, he seemed as if he were going to sing his praises until he opened his mouth and scoffed, “I heard you were a great person but that your personality could use some work.”

Enraged by the shot taken at his authority, Cha Young Min then heard the story of his school days from his colleague Kim Jae Won (Ahn Tae Hwan). Afterwards, he called Go Seung Tak to the operating room to take the resident’s ego down a notch.

What’s more, after hearing of Go Seung Tak making up excuses to get out of practicum, Cha Young Min demoted him to “an unskilled doctor who thinks he can say anything.” The tension created between the two doctors due to their stubborn personalities has already created a dynamic that is certain to escalate.

2. Cha Young Min’s possession of Go Seung Tak’s body

At the end of the first episode, Cha Young Min was involved in a mysterious car accident and was thrown into a comatose state that resulted in the separation of his body and soul. Stuck in a precarious situation with Cha Young Min’s life on the line, Go Seung Tak decided to take on the surgery he was so used to running away from.

As he stood at the operating table, he froze up before eventually taking the scalpel. As he attempted to place it in the wrong spot, the ghost of Cha Young Min saw this and grabbed Go Seung Tak’s hand to guide him through the surgery.

3. The reason why Cha Young Min can only possess Go Seung Tak

Thanks to the ghost of Cha Young Min, Go Seung Tak was able to complete the surgery swiftly. Although Cha Young Min’s heartrate returned to normal, it soon grew unstable again. Still stuck in a coma, Cha Young Min heard that chairman Jang Kwang Duk (Lee Moon Soo) had also fallen into a coma and set off to find the cause.

When he found out that Go Seung Tak might be involved in the matter, he went to find the resident and ended up possessing his body again. He told Tes (Sung Dong Il) the truth that he was only able to possess Go Seung Tak’s body and no one else’s, leading to curiosity among viewers as to how their unusual relationship will continue to evolve.

In addition, at the end of the second episode Cha Young Min overheard a conversation between Han Seung Won (Tae In Ho) and Jang Min Ho (Lee Tae Sung) which led him to grow even more suspicious of Go Seung Tak. Unable to hold back his anger, he rushed to possess Go Seung Tak once more, raising even more anticipation for the next episode.

“Ghost Doctor” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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