Uee And Rain Struggle To Bridge The Distance Between Them In “Ghost Doctor”

Uee and Rain are caught in an awkward and unexpected situation in new stills from “Ghost Doctor”!

tvN’s “Ghost Doctor” is a new fantasy medical drama about a genius surgeon named Cha Young Min (Rain) and a silver-spoon resident named Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum) who could not be more different in terms of backgrounds, skills, and personalities, but end up combining bodies and spirits. Uee co-stars as Jang Se Jin, a neurosurgeon and Cha Young Min’s ex-girlfriend.


In the previous episode, Cha Young Min briefly possessed Go Seung Tak’s body, but quickly abandoned the attempt after Jang Se Jin said that this caused damage to his brain. Freed from his possession, Go Seung Tak was unexpectedly caught in a comic-tragic moment with Jang Se Jin. Jang Se Jin, however, got emotional and shed tears on seeing Cha Young Min’s comatose state.

In the new stills, Cha Young Min and Jang Se Jin preserve an awkward distance between them. Jang Se Jin is sad and lost as she sits in a place that was very meaningful to her and Cha Young Min in the past. Cha Young Min, who is a ghost, reaches out to her, but is unable to touch her directly. However, the stills also hint that the sudden appearance of Go Seung Tak will turn this affecting scene into a comedy. In another image, Cha Young Min stares at something Go Seung Tak brings him, while Go Seung Tak tries to suppress his anger behind a smile.

The production staff stated, “In episode 5, Cha Young Min and Jang Se Jin’s scene will become tragi-comic with the appearance of Go Seung Tak. Cha Young Min, who can’t be seen by Jang Se Jin, gets nervous at what Go Seung Tak tells him, and makes excuses to Jang Se Jin that she can’t hear. Please look forward to what will happen between the three of them.”

This episode of “Ghost Doctor” airs on January 17 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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