Chae Soo Bin And Kang Daniel Have A Less Than Ideal First Encounter In “Rookie Cops”

Upcoming drama “Rookie Cops” released new stills of Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin!

The drama depicts the story of two hopeful students, Wi Seung Hyun (Kang Daniel) and Go Eun Kang (Chae Soo Bin), who are fully immersed in college life at the National Police University. While they may not know all the answers and may make mistakes along the way, their youthful spirit provides lighthearted and thrilling entertainment throughout the story.

Kang Daniel stars as Wi Seung Hyun, an honors freshman starting out at the Korean National Police University, and Chae Soo Bin plays Go Eun Kang, the problematic student who enrolls at the police university to follow her one-sided crush.

The newly released stills capture how Wi Seung Hyun’s and Go Eun Kang’s lives become intertwined following an unexpected incident. Although the exact situation is unclear, Wi Seung Hyun looks wronged as he points to someone else while being grabbed onto by the collar. Wi Seung Hyun appears to be pointing at Go Eun Kang whose eyes are open wide in surprise.

More stills depict Wi Seung Hyun and Go Eun Kang reuniting at the police university. Go Eun Kang looks displeased as she wags her finger and unloads her thoughts onto Wi Seung Hyun. Meanwhile, Wi Seung Hyun glares back without wavering in the slightest at Go Eun Kang’s outburst. Wi Seung Hyun and Go Eun Kang will get into an unexpected misunderstanding after coincidentally running into each other before they enter the university. Eventually, they start to face off every time they meet, drawing questions about their first meeting and future campus life.

As new police university students, Wi Seung Hyun and Go Eun Kang will go from students who bicker all the time to friends who can rely on each other. In that process, they’ll develop feelings of love and mature along the way.

Kang Daniel shared, “Chae Soo Bin’s endless consideration was the driving force for our chemistry. She reacted well in every aspect and guided me a lot. I must have been lacking a lot since it is my first time acting, so it is a blessing in itself that she worked together with me. I really want to convey my words of gratitude.” Chae Soo Bin praised, “Kang Daniel is an actor who is always vigorous and overflowing with energy. On the days we would film together, I could film enjoyably from start to finish.”

The first two episodes of “Rookie Cops” will be available for streaming on Disney+ on January 26. Take a look at a teaser for the drama here!

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