NCT 127’s Doyoung Opens Up About His Fading Dreams + Members Share Heartfelt Messages Of Gratitude After Winning Daesang At Seoul Music Awards

After winning the Daesang at the 31st Seoul Music Awards, several members of NCT 127 took to Instagram to express their gratitude!

On January 23, NCT 127 took home the Daesang at this year’s Seoul Music Awards, marking their first time winning the grand prize at an award ceremony that only awards one Daesang each year.

Following the award ceremony, Doyoung took to Instagram Stories to share a heartfelt message in which he candidly opened up about how his dreams had started to fade after his debut.

Doyoung’s full post is as follows:

Today, we received a big and truly meaningful award.

To be honest, because it was something I wasn’t expecting at all, I was really surprised, and so I wasn’t able to say everything that I wanted to say, which is why I decided to write a few words here.

The moment that our name was called for the big award, a number of different thoughts ran through my mind at the same time.

Before our debut, back when I was a trainee, I had big and lofty dreams, and winning a Daesang was a big part of those dreams. But as time passed, because I was busy racing ahead while thinking about the present instead of the distant future, I felt that those dreams gradually faded, diminished, and even disappeared. At first, I was sad and regretful, but even that feeling dulled with time.

Today, the moment our name was called, I was reminded of those days when I dreamed big dreams, and I was overwhelmed with emotion that I can’t put into words. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to not forget the dreams that I had thought were gradually disappearing. 

I initially felt worried about whether it was all right for us to receive such a big award, but thanks to our precious fans who cheered us on with all their hearts and told us that they hope we receive lots of love, I now think that I should repay that love with feelings of gratitude, rather than worry.

Because we received your precious hearts, we will work even harder and make even more of an effort to repay you with great albums and performances. Once again, thank you so much, and thank you also to everyone who watched our performance and the award ceremony today.

Yuta also shared his own message of gratitude in Japanese on Instagram Stories, writing, “I suddenly had the thought that if it hadn’t been for these nine people, I wouldn’t have been able to come this far, and if Cizennies [NCT’s nickname for their official fandom NCTzens] hadn’t encouraged and supported us, we probably wouldn’t have made it all the way here. Thank you for always creating a space where all of us can laugh.”

Taeil also posted an adorable photo of himself posing with their new trophy and wrote, “Thank you for gifting us this incredibly precious award.”

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Meanwhile, Johnny wrote in English, “thank you for believing in us, and thank you [Mark] for taking these beaut photos.”

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Finally, Mark expressed his love for his fans by posting a cute video of a green heart on Instagram Stories.

Once again, congratulations to NCT 127 on their new Daesang!

Watch NCT 127’s performance at the 31st Seoul Music Awards here, and check out the full list of winners here!

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