Lee Se Young Teases 2PM’s Lee Junho While Talking About Their Kiss Scene In “The Red Sleeve”

Lee Se Young and the hosts of “Radio Star” couldn’t help teasing 2PM’s Lee Junho over their kiss scene in “The Red Sleeve”!

The January 26 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” marked the first installment of the talk show’s “The Red Sleeve” special, with six actors from the hit drama appearing as guests.

During the show, the “Radio Star” MCs brought up the fact that Lee Junho and Lee Se Young’s first kiss scene in the drama had caused quite the sensation, asking, “What was the atmosphere like on set?”

Lee Se Young confessed that the kiss had actually been harder to film because she and Lee Junho had already become so close, explaining, “Typically, when filming a drama, you shoot the kiss scene about one or two months into filming. But this time, I think it had been nearly four or five months by the time we filmed our first kiss scene.” She continued with a laugh, “We felt too much like family.”

Lee Junho agreed, “We had gotten too close already,” and Lee Se Young went on, “We joked with one another, ‘Family shouldn’t be doing stuff like this.'”

She also revealed, “Whenever we filmed a scene like that, the staff would get way too excited. They’d come to watch us, and they’d ask teasingly, ‘Why? How are you going to [kiss]?’ It was so embarrassing. I felt very shy.”

When asked about his own experience, Lee Junho replied, “I was extremely nervous. I was nervous and very tense.”

Explaining that he had seen a behind-the-scenes video of Lee Se Young being really professional while filming a kiss scene for another drama, he then made a slip of the tongue as he continued, “I saw that, and I thought, ‘Oh okay, we’re just going to get it over with and be done with it.’ So I was looking forward to it—no, wait, not looking forward to it.”

The excited hosts immediately began teasing him by exclaiming, “Wow, you must have really been looking forward to it!” Lee Se Young also jokingly chimed in, “You looked forward to it?”

Lee Junho then added fuel to the fire by saying, “It was because it had been so long—no, wait, that’s not it.” As he hilariously protested that he had misspoken, Lee Se Young exclaimed, “It had been so long since what?”

After everyone had calmed down, Lee Junho pointed out that their first kiss scene had taken place in Episode 14, when they’d already filmed most of the drama and had become close friends. He recalled, “By then, we’d say half-jokingly to one another, ‘We’re like family now! There’s not going to be a kiss scene.'”

When Kim Gura asked if it was less awkward filming a kiss scene with someone they didn’t know that well, Lee Junho responded, “I think it’s comparatively easier.” However, Lee Se Young disagreed, noting, “Since you need to have good teamwork, it’s still better [to film a kiss scene] after you’ve gotten to know each other.”

Ahn Young Mi joked, “I guess Junho wanted to get to [kissing] right away,” and Kim Gura playfully chimed in, “Junho must like unfamiliar people.”

Lee Junho explained, “It’s not that. But there’s different ways of getting close to people. There’s a difference between meeting someone and getting close to them in a romantic way, versus just really becoming close friends without any boundaries.” Lee Se Young made everyone crack up by agreeing, “We were like comrades in battle.”

She then added, “The reason our first kiss scene was so hard to film was because the two characters weren’t on the same page during the kiss. Then it would have been fine. But one just kissed the other of their own will, and the other pushed them away. And I couldn’t just push him away, because then the scene wouldn’t turn out beautiful. I had to push him away just a little bit, then close my eyes and [melt into the kiss]. That was the hard part.”

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