Update: THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon Tests Positive For COVID-19

Updated January 30 KST: 

THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon is the fifth member of the group to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

On January 30, IST Entertainment confirmed, “Sangyeon tested positive during an additional round of PCR testing for COVID-19 on January 29. Apart from Sangyeon, the other six members and all the staff have tested negative. Taking into consideration the incubation period, we will continue to maintain strict quarantine and test regularly with self-testing kits and PCR tests. If the situation changes, we will make another announcement.”

IST Entertainment added that Sangyeon is not experiencing any particular symptoms and will be heading into treatment for a speedy recovery, similar to Eric, Younghoon, Hyunjae, and Ju Haknyeon.

Wishing them all a speedy recovery!

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Original Article: 

THE BOYZ’s Ju Haknyeon is the latest member of the group to test positive for COVID-19.

Hyunjae tested positive earlier on January 27, following Eric’s diagnosis on January 24 and Younghoon’s diagnosis on January 26. After Eric’s diagnosis, the other members of THE BOYZ had initially tested negative, but more positive test results are coming back with additional testing.

On January 27, IST Entertainment confirmed that Ju Haknyeon had tested positive during a round of additional testing for the virus.

The agency stated:

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

Today, on January 27, THE BOYZ’s Ju Haknyeon received a positive result during an additional round of PCR tests for COVID-19.

The other seven THE BOYZ members and their staff tested negative. However, taking into account the incubation period, we will continue to maintain strict quarantine and continue to test with PCR tests and self-testing kits, and will announce any changes if they occur.

We apologize for causing concern and will do our best as an agency for our artists’ health.

The other positive members (Eric, Younghoon, and Hyunjae) are in isolation and receiving treatment after their diagnosis. They do not have any unusual symptoms and have recovered from their minor aches and pains. Ju Haknyeon will also be going into treatment so he can recover quickly.

All the members of THE BOYZ are following the directions of the disease control authorities and will faithfully comply with self-quarantine and other restrictions.

Thank you.

Wishing Ju Haknyeon and the other members a speedy recovery!

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